Faculty of Education and Social Work

Laura Ann Chubb

Laura Ann Chubb from Canada is studying towards a PhD in Social Work.

“I like the fact that as a doctoral student in the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work I am treated as a colleague and not just a student.”

“For my PhD research I worked with local non-government organisations and other community members in a rural community in Kenya to build safe spaces for sex talk between youth and adults and to eventually promote healthy behaviours and better understanding of the topic in future youth.

“I chose the University of Auckland because my supervisor Associate Professor Christa Fouché has spent years working in the African context and really supported my vision with community-action research.

“Here, I have had the opportunity to study independently as well as learn from a group of talented and caring researchers who I am lucky to have as a support network. Their guidance has encouraged me to never think too small and that all my ‘larger than life’ ideas are worth pursuing.

“My department and all of the people in it have been so willing to offer advice, show up and give feedback on presentations, share materials and offer emotional support.”