Faculty of Education and Social Work


Our commitment to the highest quality research ensures that our teaching is informed by the most current research and evidence from practice.

Faculty researchers explore educational and social science research from a wide range of perspectives, including particular focuses on educational effectiveness, language, culture and identity, development and learning, and education, welfare and wider social policy.

A particular feature of the faculty is its programme of education research that explores how educational interventions can improve teaching and learning, particularly for disadvantaged student groups.

These interventions address aspects of the system (such as curriculum design or national assessment), school organisation and other aspects of teaching and learning.

Research in social work and human services seeks to improve the readiness of practitioners to view research as a key part of the contribution they can make to the wellbeing of their client's communities.

  • Why do research at the faculty?

    Make an impact through research. Explore your research study options and find supervisors who meet your needs.

  • Research areas

    You can explore educational and social science research from a wide range of perspectives aligned to the faculty's five key research themes.

  • Research centres and units

    Links to research networks, units and projects based in the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

  • Quant-DARE services for researchers

    This unit provides a data warehouse and expertise in quantitative data analysis and research support.

  • Faculty Research Office

    Internal funding (SSRG, FRDF) and ethics processes and guidelines.

  • Finding a supervisor

    Find a supervisor for masters or doctorate study in your area of research interest.

  • Find A Thesis

    Search our University-wide database for masters and doctoral supervisors and research projects that you can join.

  • The First Years

    The First Years Ngā Tau Tuatahi is a professional journal for people involved and interested in the education and care of infants and toddlers.