Faculty of Education and Social Work

Meet our international students and alumni

Our broad range of programmes attract a diverse range of students from around the world.


  • Jialing Zhang

    Jialing Zhang, from China, is in her third year of studying towards a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Childhood Education Specialisation.

  • Heng Yi Xin

    Yi Xin Heng, from Singapore, is in her first year of studying towards a Bachelor of Social Work.


  • Dara Kim

    Dara Kim, from Cambodia, is currently enrolled in the Master of Educational Leadership as a New Zealand ASEAN Scholar.

  • Storm Desmond

    Storm Desmond is from Ireland and is studying the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary).

  • Joyce Sy

    Joyce is from the Philippines and is studying the Master of Social Work.

  • Frauke Meyer

    Frauke, from Germany, completed a PhD in Education and now works as a Research Fellow in the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice.

  • Shuping Liang

    Shuping Liang completed the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) and has been offered a job teaching ESOL and Chinese at an Auckland school.

  • Laura Ann Chubb

    Laura, from Canada, is studying towards a PhD in Social Work. She received the 2016 Academic Career Exploration Scholarship, which will help build her skills as an academic.

  • Mazlin Mohamed Mokhtar

    Mazlin, from Malaysia, is studying towards a PhD in Education through sponsorship by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

  • Zhu Yao

    Zhu, from China, recently completed a Master of Education and is now pursuing a PhD in Education.