Faculty of Education and Social Work

Health and Safety

The Faculty of Education and Social Work at The University of Auckland is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in accordance with current Health & Safety legislation.

Creating a safe place to study (brochure)


For simple tips and contact details to help you stay safe on campus, download this handy brochure.

Campus Emergency evacuation plans

Campus Evacuation Procedures

Epsom Campus Assembly Points

Annex Block Assembly Areas
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D Block Assembly Areas
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L Block Assembly Areas
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Marae Assembly Areas
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P Block Assembly Areas
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R Block Assembly Areas
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U Block Assembly Areas
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Health and Safety standards

The Faculty will:

  • Maintain standards to provide a healthy and safe working environment for everyone who works, studies, visits or conducts business at the Faculty.
  • Maintain effective accident/incident reporting and hazard management procedures.
  • Ensure key staff have responsibilities and accountabilities for health and safety management.

Training and equipment

The Faculty will provide:

  • Accessible information and appropriate training in occupational health and safety.
  • Safety and protective equipment where required.


The faculty will encourage active participation by staff and students in the ongoing maintenance and improvement of a safe and healthy environment.

Personal responsibility

Staff, students and others on campus must commit to high standards of safety and accept responsibility for the safety of themselves and others.

Students safety

All staff must adopt and promote high standards of safety so that students will appreciate the value of occupational health and safety.

Contractor safety

Contractors engaged by the Faculty must be aware of relevant legislation and of the safety requirements of the University.