Faculty of Education and Social Work

Ethics information

Please refer to the Human Ethics  website for information relating to research involving human participants.

Please note:

Researching in own schools. Please draw on sections 13.10 and 13.11 of the Applicant’s Reference Manual during the process of designing an ethics application.  The committee looks to see the extent to which the issues raised within these sections are addressed. Refer to the Human Ethics website to view the Applicants’ Reference Manual. Please copy the nine questions (below) from the manual and place within section B5 (Study Design) of the application form, and provide your answer directly underneath the question.

Faculty of Education and Social Work Ethics Submission Dates 2017

The Supervisor/Principal Investigator needs to ensure each application is submitted into the electronic InfoEd Research Management system by the dates listed on the Human Ethics website.

Please contact the Faculty Research Unit on extension 48703 or email foed-research@auckland.ac.nz if you have any questions regarding faculty internal sign off process.