Faculty of Education and Social Work

Our seminars and symposia




  • Te Whakatere seminar: Navigating Social Currents (24 February, 2014)
    •  Zhang, C. Encounters with understandings of citizen identity: Chinese students studying abroad.
    •  Selvaraj, J. Inclusive education in New Zealand: ongoing uncertainties.
    • Kingsbury, L. Creating the Anzac legend in the New Zealand School Journal, 1915-1930.
    • Yates, S. ‘River of emotions’: Building a sense of community through a collaborative artwork.
    • Hu, C. Children’s experiences of school closure in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes.
    • Cobb, D. Navigating the changing tide: Sailing the Commonwealth of Learning through the cross current of globalisation.
    • Mutch, C. Disasters and social capital: Why poorest communities are hardest hit.
    • Tesar, M. Childhood studies and urban Auckland.
    • Siteine, A. & Samu, T. Navigating curriculum change in the Republic of Nauru.
    • Marlow, J. Refugee background community responses to the Canterbury earthquakes.
  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) presentation: Siteine, A., & Samu, T. (3 December, 2014) Outsiders, insiders and decisions about knowledge: Curriculum development, implementation and change in Nauru


  • Te Whakatere seminar: Mutch, C. (24 October, 2013). Engaging children in disaster-related research: A conceptual framework. Presentation to Te Whakatere Research Seminar, Insights and possibilities: Learning from disaster contexts.


  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Symposium: Mutch, C., Allen, L., Locke, K., Tesar, M. (December 3, 2012). Competing conceptualisations of citizenship. Invited symposium to represent NZARE at AARE/APERA Conference, Sydney, Australia.