Data Utilisation

Schools often have a large amount of data they can access. In order for data to be helpful to teachers and school leaders, they must be used strategically.

This means schools need strong processes in order to manage, analyse and present the data so they can be used for school improvement.

Based on international research, we know that schools need to have a centralised, comprehensive, accurate, longitudinal database on all students. This allows the school and individual teachers to track and monitor student progress, inform conversations with students and parents, identify areas for intervention in real time, and adjust classroom practices in response to student needs. Accurate data are also the basis for strategic planning; individual, group, and school-wide target setting, and for self-review and evaluation.

This section of the toolkit focuses on numerous aspects of effective data utilisation in schools.

There is also a wealth of information on the TKI website in Assessment Online on working with data.