Three Way Conversations

Parent-student-teacher (PST) conferences.


The Parent-Student-Teachers conferences are an opportunity for in-depth discussion of academic progress with parents and family. All three parties need to work together for the child to achieve their goals and aspirations.

During the PST conferences parties discuss progress in each subject; goals for the future; and support for learning at school and at home.

The strength of the partnership between tutor/whānau teacher, student and family can help determine the level of success a learner has at school and can be used to encourage the student to engage in and take ownership of their learning.



Training Resources

Teacher Requirements
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Before the Conversation

Invitation Letter Home
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Appointment Slip
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Appointment Reminder
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Advice for Phone Call Home
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Booking Form
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Student Report Summary
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During the Conversation

Conversation Checklist
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Conversation Referral Form
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After the Conversation

Form Teacher Feedback
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Next Steps for Parents
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Quality Assurance Checklist
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Evaluation for Parents
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Case studies

Aorere College
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Ruawai College
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Understanding NCEA Front Cover

Understanding NCEA (2nd ed)

A relatively short and very useful guide for secondary school students and their parents.

Malamalama Front Cover

Malamalama i le NCEA (Lomiga lona lua/2nd ed)

O se taiala pu'upu'u ae sili ona aogā mo tamaiti o aoga maualuluga ma o latou matua.

Unibound Front Cover

Uni Bound?

Students' Stories of Transition from School to University