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The First Years Ngā Tau Tuatahi is a professional journal for people involved and interested in the education and care of infants and toddlers.

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New Zealand Journal of Infant and Toddler Education

The First Years Ngā Tau Tuatahi, published twice yearly, provides a forum for teachers, researchers, and others to reflect on their everyday realities and passions related to the care and education of very young children. The Journal serves as a catalyst for debating practice, policy and pedagogy, both within Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally, presenting opportunities for readers to connect and engage in reciprocal exchanges in a globalised world. Its vision is to promote the status of infant and toddler educational provision and provide a key source of inspiration, for those who work with, and are interested in, infant and toddler education and care.

Executive Editors

Honorary Editor

Consulting Editors

Managing Editors

Editorial Committee

Ann Hatherly, John Roder, Avril Thesing, Sue Stover

Editorial Board

Sonja Arndt, Carmen Dalli, Sheila Degotardi, Ann Hatherly, Diti Hill, Joce Nuttall, Berenice Nyland, Valerie Podmore, Branislav Pupala, Lesley Rameka, Jenny Ritchie, Jean Rockel, Mere Skerrett, Sue Stover, Jennifer Sumsion, Rita Walker, Jayne White, Pam Winter.



Peer reviewed journal

The First Years Ngā Tau Tuatahi is a peer reviewed journal, including two kinds of articles published—one quality assured by engagement with the editor and one quality assured through double blind-peer review by two reviewers. We welcome submissions of articles from researchers, academics, practitioners, and others interested in infant-toddler education and care. The editorial team may consider the provision of a mentor to offer support to new and emerging writers. The editors make the final decision regarding whether the manuscript is accepted for publication, before and after review, and may seek further advice from the Consulting Editors, the Editorial committee and Editorial board where necessary.


Information for contributors

Please submit your contribution to executive editors Dr Marek Tesar and Maria Cooper (firstyearsjournal@auckland.ac.nz)

  • An original manuscript as an attachment in an email
  • Include original photographs if necessary. The contribution should preferably be in Word format, with a 2.5 cm margin, between 1500-4500 words, and double-spacing. Use APA referencing.
  • The copyright for published contributions will reside with the First Years Journal, once the authors have signed a copyright transfer form.

Recent publications



Volume 19, Issue 2, 2017

Editorial: “Te Whāriki on the top shelves of early childhood centres in Aotearoa New Zealand”  by Maria Cooper and Marek Tesar

“Reflecting on our aspiration statement: Competent, confident, and capable infants and toddlers” by Helen Hedges

“A new ‘wonderland’? “ by Jean Rockel

“Te Whāriki 2017: What’s new for our infants, toddlers, kaiako, and whānau?”  by Toni Christie

“What opportunities and questions does the new Te Whāriki present for teachers of infants and toddlers, and infants and toddlers themselves?”

by various commentators

“The power of a book to stimulate mathematical thinking” by Pamela Perger (peer reviewed)

“Shaking off the cloak of ‘certainty’ and embracing ethical dilemmas in baby rooms research”  by Sacha Powell and Kathy Goouch (peer reviewed)

“Toddler collaborative story-making through pretend play” by Amanda Bateman and Bryndis Gunnarsdottir (peer reviewed)

Book reviews:

“Rituals: Making the everyday extraordinary in early childhood” Reviewed by Kiri Jaquiery

“Teachers voyaging in plurilingual seas: Young children learning through more than one language” Reviewed by Jacoba Matapo

First Years 2017 cover


Volume 19, Issue 1, 2017

Editorial: Infants and toddlers in the new Whāriki: People, places, and things by Marek Tesar and Maria Cooper

“Sustaining languages, cultures, and secure relationships”: A message of hope from early childhood advocate Nola Harvey by Maria Cooper with commentary by Helen Hedges

“Everywhere the sky.” Learning to listen in order to see, research and partner with children: Some rhizomatic adventures by Deborah Thomas (peer reviewed)

A walk in the park? Teachers’ attitudes towards excursions with infants and toddlers by Joanne Mair (peer reviewed)

Reflecting on research: Learning to tune in for respectful practice by Michelle Harding (peer reviewed)

What do quality outcomes for infants and toddlers have to do with effective leadership? by Gaynor Clarke and Mary-Liz Broadley (peer reviewed)

A quality framework for early childhood practices in service for children under three by Jayne White

with a response from Tara McLaughlin, Karyn Aspden, and Linda Clarke

‘Voices from the field’ - research update : Mina Badiei - University of Auckland, Kylie Smith - Manukau Institute of Technology, Susan Widger - Whitireia New Zealand

Book review: Young children playing: Relational approaches to emotional learning in early childhood settings reviewed by Fabiana Nasciutti and Shayne Hinton

with a response from Sophie Alcock



Volume 18, Issue 2, 2016

By Marek Tesar and Maria Cooper

“Seeing the dragons on the horizon”: Advocating for early childhood education with Barbara Backshall.
By Maria Cooper with commentary by Helen Hedges

Parent-teacher partnership: New complexities for an old aspiration.
By Angel Chan and Jenny Ritchie

A glimpse into toddlers’ learning places: Tensions and potentials in Swedish preschool.
By Susanne Westman & Eva Alerby

Hearing the voices of parents as they begin using early childhood services for their infants.
By Helen Lane and Sujatha Gomathinayagam

Seeking intensity and potentiality in infant and toddler programmes.
By Vicki Hargraves

Voices from the field – research update

Book review: “Magic places: The adults’ guide to young children’s creative art work”.
Reviewed by Jean Rockel