Faculty of Education and Social Work

Recent Publications

  1. 2011. Peterson, E., Rubie-Davies, C. M., Dixon, R. S., Widdowson, D. A., Elley-Brown, M., & Irving, E.
    Who is to blame?: Students', parents' and teachers' views of who is responsible for student achievement.
    Research in Education (in press).
  2. 2010. Rubie-Davies, C. M., Peterson, E., Irving, E., Widdowson, D.A., & Dixon, R. S.
    Expectations of achievement: student, teacher and parent perceptions.
    Research in Education, 83, (May), 36-53.

  3. 2010. Dixon, R., Maddison, R., Ni Mhurchu, C., Jull, A., Meagher-Lundberg, P. & Widdowson, D.
    Parents' and children's perceptions of active video games: a focus group study.
    Journal of Child Health Care. 14 (2), 189-199.
  4. 2010. Dixon, R.S., Tse, S., Sobrun-Mahataj, A., & Rossen, F.
    Family Resilience:  The settlement experience for Asian immigrant families in New Zealand.
    Families Commission Report.
  5. 2010. Dorey, E., Roberts, V., Maddison, R., Meagher-Lundberg, P., Dixon, R.S., & Ni Mhurchu, C.
    Children and television watching: A qualitative study of New Zealand parents' perceptions and views.
    Child:Care, Health and Development.2010. 36,(3), 414-420.
  6. 2009. Dixon, R., Widdowson, D., Peterson, E., & Rubie-Davies, C.
    Expectations: Raising achievement.
    In M. Sinclair (Ed). A Journey of Discovery: Facilitating the Initiation and Application of Schooling Research.
    Chapter 2, p. 21-29.
  7. 2009. Gorton, D., Ni Mhurchu, C., Chen, M., & Dixon, R.S.
    Nutrition Labels: A survey of use, understanding and preferences among ethnically diverse shoppers in New Zealand.
    Public Health Nutrition, 12 (9), 1359-1365.
  8. 2009. Gorton, D., Ni Mhurchu, C., Bramley, D., & Dixon, R.S. 
    Interpretation of two nutrition content claims: a New Zealand survey.
    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. 
    34,(1) 2009, 57-62.
  9. 2008. Dixon, R.S.
    The Ultimate collaboration: The case for research commissioners participating in the evaluation.
    The Evaluator. UKES, Autumn, 14-16.
  10. 2008. Shulruf B., Hattie, J., & Dixon, R.
    Factors affecting responses to Likert type questionnaires: introduction of the ImpExt, a new comprehensive model.
    Social Psychology of Education, 11, (1), 59-78 (PDF)
  11. 2007. Shulruf, B., Morton, S., Goodyear-Smith, F., O’Loughlin, C., & Dixon, R.  
    Designing multidisciplinary longitudinal studies of human development analyzing past research to inform methodology. 
    Evaluation and the Health Professions,30, (3), 207-228 (FILE)
  12. 2007. Shulruf B., Hattie, J., & Dixon, R.  
    Development of a new measurement tool for individualism and collectivism. 
    Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 25,(4),385-401 (FILE)
  13. 2007. Hughes, F.A., Thom, K., & Dixon, R.
    Nature and Prevalence of stalking among New Zealand Mental Health Clinicians.
    Journal of Psychosocial Nursing, Apr 2007.Vol.45, Iss.4; p33 (FILE)
  14. 2007. Fleming, T.M., Watson, P.D., Robinson, E., Ameratunga, S., Dixon, R., Clark, T.C., & Crengle, S.
    Violence and New Zealand Young People: Findings of Youth2000 - A National Secondary School Youth Health and Wellbeing Survey. Auckland.
    The University of Auckland.
    Download Article (FILE)

Technical reports (last 5 years)

  1. 2010. Widdowson, D., & Dixon, R.
    Final Report for the Evaluation of the Parent Mentoring Project in Manukau.
    Ministry of Education. (55 pgs)
  2. 2010. Dixon, R., Peterson, E., Rubie-Davies, C., Widdowson, D. & Elley-Brown, M.
    Beliefs and Expectations about Learning and Achievement.
    Cognition Education Research Trust (76 pgs.)
  3. 2010. Dixon, R., Meagher-Lundberg, T., Maddison, R., & Roberts, V.
    Final Report of the Process and Outcome Evaluation of the Green Prescription Active Families Programme.
    Ministry of Health (155 pgs)
  4. 2010. Widdowson, D.
    Final Report for the Process and Outcome Evaluation of the Affirming Works Tupu'anga Mentoring Programme.
    Tindall Foundation, (42 pgs)
  5. 2009. Widdowson, D., & Dixon, R.
    Scoping Report for a Process and Outcome Evaluation of the Affirming Works Tupu'anga Mentoring Programme.
    Tindall Foundation. (12 pgs.)
  6. 2009. Widdowson, D., & Dixon, R.S.
    Scoping report for the evaluation of KiwiMentornet.
    Tindall Foundation.(16 pgs)
  7. 2009. Dixon, R.S., & Meagher-Lundberg, P.
    Extension to the Process Evaluation of Green Prescription Active Families. (SPARC) (56 pgs)
  8. 2009. Widdowson, D., & Dixon, R.S.
    Report of the Mid-point evaluation of the GIF-technology education initiative.
    Ministry of Education(62 Pgs)
  9. 2009. Meagher-Lundberg, P., & Dixon, R.S.
    PASSPORT-Perspectives on an activity passport for children and young people.
    CTRU ( 24pgs)
  10. 2009. Meagher-Lundberg, P., & Dixon, R.S.
    Rewards programmes to promote healthy eating: Focus group study.
    CTRU ( 27 pgs)
  11. 2009. Meagher-Lundberg, P., & Dixon, R.S.
    New Zealand Red Cross, Breakfast in Schools programme.
    CTRU (19 pgs) 
  12. 2007-2008. Widdowson, D., & Dixon, R.S.
    Secondary Futures: Analysis of Key Information, Four Themed Reports,
    Secondary Futures Secretariat.
  13. 2007. Dixon, R., Widdowson, D., Meagher-Lundberg, P., Airini, & McMurchy-Pilkington, C.
    Evaluation of Promoting Early Childhood Education (ECE) Participation Project.
    Ministry of Education (102 pgs.)
  14. 2007. Dixon, R., & Widdowson, D.
    Final Report for the Evaluation of the Westbridge Social Services Programme.
    Ministry of Education. (46 pgs.)
  15. 2007.Clinton, J., Hattie, J., & Dixon, R.S.
    Evaluation of the Flaxmere Project. 'When families learn the language of school.
    Ministry of Education.
    Download article (PDF)
  16. 2006. Dixon, R.S., & Widdowson, D. 
    Evaluation of the Curriculum Alignment Project Final Report.
    University of Auckland @ Manukau Programme, Manukau Institute of Technology (47 pages).
  17. 2006. Dixon, R.S, Meagher-Lundberg, T, & Widdowson, D.A.M.
    Electronic games: focus group findings.
    Clincal Trials Unit (40 pages).
  18. 2006. Dixon, R.S., Meagher-Lundberg, T., & Widdowson, D. 
    An investigation into factors associated with beverage choice and the consumption of low energy beverages.
    Coca Cola Oceania (32 pages).
  19. 2006. Dixon, R.S., Goldson, J., & Widdowson, D. 
    Child Health Consultation: Children's views of health.
    Auckland District Health Board (31 pages).
  20. 2006. Dixon, R.S., Widdowson, D.A.M., Fanslow, J., Thomas, D.R., Knaggs, T., Vasil, L. & Banbury, E. 
    Family Safety Teams Pilot evaluation: baseline study and formative evaluation.
    Ministry of Justice (286 pages).

Conference Presentations

  1. April-May, 2010. Widdowson, D & Dixon, R.
    Effects of parent involvement in school-based preschool education .
    Paper presented at the Annual American Educational Research Association Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA.
  2. October 2009. Dixon, R.S.,Widdowson, D., Peterson, E., Rubie-Davies, C.
    Expectations: Raising Achievement.
    Invited presentation. Cognition Institute Research Seminar.
  3. August 2008., Rubie Davies,C., Peterson,E.R., Widdowson,D.A.M., & Dixon,R.s. (August,2008).
    Attitude determines altitude: A comparison of what Students, teachers and parents believe motivates students to learn.
    Invited paper in symposium. 11th International Conference on Motivation, Turku, Finland.
  4. March 2008. Widdowson, D.A.M.
    Genre practices in a third grade class: Children's emergent responses to social situations for composing.
    Paper presented at the Annual American Educational Research Association Conference, New York, USA.
  5. January 2008. Dixon,R.S., Rubie-Davies,C., Widdowson, D.A.M., Irving,S.E.
    'I think I can': Exploring expectations about education and achievement in secondary schools.
    International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement Conference, Auckland. NZ.
  6. November 2007. Dixon, R.S. & Knaggs, P., Widdowson, D., Thomas, D.& Fanslow, J. 
    The ultimate collaboration? When commissioners of research become active members of the research team.
    13th Annual conference of the United Kingdom, Evaluation Society, Leeds.
  7. October 2007. Dixon R.S., Goldson, J., Meagher- Lundberg, P. & Widdowson, D.A.M. 
    "I like it when they have read my card and call me by my name"
    Children’s views of health and experience of health services. (Poster)
    NZDHB inaugural conference Wellington.
  8. September 2007. Gorton, D., NiMhurchu , C., Dixon R., Bramley, D. et al.
    'Nutrition labels - are they meeting the needs of those who need them most?'
    New Zealand Dietetic Association Conference, Christchurch.
  9. September, 2007 Gorton, D., Jull, A., Lawes, C.M., NiMhurchu, C. Dixon, R et al.
    Listening to the future: CADET - a cellphone assisted diet and exercise trial.
    New Zealand Dietetic Association Conference, Christchurch.
  10. May 2007. Jull, A., Lawes, C.M., NiMhurchu, C., Bramley, D., Dixon, R. et al.
    Experience of weight loss interventions and participant preferences for components of an intervention.
    National Nutrition & Physical Activity Public Health Conference, Rotorua, New Zealand.
  11. September 2006. Morton, S.M., & Dixon, R.S.
    The proposed New Zealand Longitudinal Study of Children and Families. International Conference on Child Cohort Studies.
    Oxford University, U.K.
  12. August 2006. Dixon, R.S.,
    Who am I? Going Bananas-Identity Development in Childhood and Adolescence.
    Invited keynote address at the multiple Identities Forum - New Zealand Chinese Association (Auckland).
  13. December 2005. Dixon, R.S., Widdowson, D.A.M., Anderson, H.M.
    What am I going to do when I leave school? Post school plans of Year 12 and 13 students.
    Paper presented at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research Conference, (Dunedin).
  14. 2004. Dixon, R.S. & Widdowson, D.A.M. 
    Evaluating school based initiatives: The role of school culture.
    Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Australasian Evaluation Society Conference, (Adelaide, Australia).