Christine Rubie-Davies appointed New Zealand Vice President of the IFNTF

14 October 2016

Professor Christine Rubie-Davies

Professor Christine Rubie-Davies has been appointed New Zealand Vice President for the International Federation of National Teaching Fellows (IFNTF). Organised in September this year, the IFNTF is a collective of teaching fellows recognised for their tertiary teaching excellence. The organisation aims to foster a collective knowledge of the best teaching practices for the global advancement of learning and teaching in higher education.

Currently representatives are only those from countries which have national tertiary teaching awards’ programmes similar to Canada – these being, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A Vice President has been appointed in each of these countries.

The group also hopes to fulfil an advocacy role for quality teaching and learning in higher education by fostering international collaboration between post-secondary teachers on research projects and teaching initiatives.

Next year Professor Christine Rubie-Davies will travel to the first annual conference of the IFNTF to meet with Vice Presidents from each of the participating countries. New Zealand is set to host the conference in 2020.