Associate Professor Rosemary May Erlam

MA(Hons), PhD (University of Auckland)


I originally trained as a Speech-Language Therapist and spent some time working in education and more particularly in health, where I developed a special interest in the treatment of aphasia.

I then used my New Zealand teaching qualification to gain experience in teaching French and English as second languages, both in New Zealand and overseas. I returned to The University of Auckland to complete a Master of Arts majoring in French in 1999. My PhD, also completed at The University of Auckland, was a classroom based study investigating the effectiveness of different methods of form-focused instruction in L2 French.

Research interests

Form-focused instruction, teacher education, instructed second/foreign language learning in the NZ school system, task-based language teaching.

Research | Current

  • Form-focused instruction – the relative effectiveness of different instructional approaches (deductive/inductive instruction, input-based/output-based instruction)
  • Task-based language teaching and its implementation in the New Zealand foreign language classroom
  • Language assessment
  • Teacher education
  • Language aptitude – the relationship between the effectiveness of instructional methods and language aptitude

Dr Rosemary Erlam's Research

Teaching | Current

EDPROFST 706 Language Analysis for Teachers

EDPROFST 373 TESSOL: Language Learning in the New Zealand Context

EDPROFST 375 TESSOL: Assessment

Postgraduate supervision

Form-focused instruction

Language assessment

Task-based language teaching

Language Teacher education

Dr Rosemary Erlam's Postgraduate Supervision


University of Auckland prize for the Best Doctoral thesis in the Faculty of Arts in the year 2003


Programme coordinator: Grad Dip TESSOL

Academic Advisor: DELNA

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Co-President of ALTAANZ (Association of Language Testing and Assessment of Australia and New Zealand).

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Clark, J., & Erlam, R. (2019). A fairer assessment of the reading level of English-language learners. Set: Research Information for Teachers10.18296/set.0127
  • Pearce, N., Nichols, J., & Erlam, R. (2018). The power of the poem: exploring the use of poetry in the beginner languages classroom. Babel, 53 (3), 22-29. Related URL.
  • Erlam, R., & Ellis, R. (2018). Task-Based Language Teaching for Beginner-Level Learners of L2 French: An Exploratory Study. Canadian Modern Language Review, 74 (1), 1-26. 10.3138/cmlr.3831
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Roderick Ellis
  • Innes, B., & Erlam, R. (2018). Did he understand his rights? Assessing the comprehensibility of police cautions in New Zealand. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPEECH LANGUAGE AND THE LAW, 25 (1), 21-51. 10.1558/ijsll.32748
  • Erlam, R., & Pimentel-Hellier, M. (2017). Opportunities to attend to language form in the adolescent near-beginner foreign language classroom. Language Awareness, 26 (2), 59-77. 10.1080/09658416.2017.1314487
  • Erlam, R. (2016). ‘I’m still not sure what a task is’: Teachers designing language tasks. Language Teaching Research, 20 (3), 279-299. 10.1177/1362168814566087
  • Erlam, R. (2016). Using evaluation to promote change in language teacher practice. Papers in Language Testing and Assessment: An International Journal of the Association for Language Testing and Assessment of Australia and New Zealand, 5 (1), 41-65.
  • Erlam, R. (2015). "New tricks":Teachers talk about task-based language teaching. Babel, 50 (1), 5-11.


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