Dr Jude Ann MacArthur

BA (Hons, 1st Class) University of Otago 1981; PhD in Education, University of Otago 1993; Diploma of Teaching, Dunedin College of Education, 1981; NZ Diploma of Teaching, NZ Department of Education, 1983.


Jude began her working life as a primary teacher, followed by thirteen years lecturing in Teacher Education and Education Studies at the University of Otago where she taught in the fields of Inclusive Education and Human Development. From 2000-2006, while her children were young, she worked in disability research as a part-time senior researcher at the Donald Beasley Institute in Dunedin.  During this time she led national research projects for the Ministry of Education and led a NZ Royal Society Marsden funded research project with Dr. Michael Gaffney from the University of Otago on the school experiences and identities of children and young people with disabilities as they transitioned from primary to secondary school. In 2011 she joined Massey University's  Specialist Teaching team, coordinating an endorsement for experienced teachers in education for children and young people with complex educational needs.  While at Massey she taught courses in inclusive education and was part of the team delivering a large postgraduate paper in Professional Inquiry. Jude joined the School of Critical Studies in Education in 2019 where she teaches in the areas of Inclusive Education and Disability Policy . 

Research | Current

Research Interests

Jude's research interests are in the field of rights, equity and inclusion in education for children and young people with disabilities, and in Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies as a conceptual framework for exploring children’s and young people’s school experience. Recent projects focus on students’ perspectives on learning support at school; communities of practice to enhance inclusive practices in schools;  narrative assessment for students with disabilities at secondary school; a needs analysis in the area of teaching and studnets with autism; and teacher education to support the development of inclusive school communities.

Recent Research Projects

  • Learning support  at secondary school: using disabled students’ perspectives to transform teaching practice.(Massey University Research Fund). With Dr. Vijaya Dharan, Massey University, and Dr. Gill Rutherford, University of Otago. (2017-2018)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder – An Aotearoa/New Zealand Educational Needs Analysis Nationwide surveys of (1) schools, and education professionals, and (2) students with ASD and their families, based on the Australian Autism CRC Project (with permission). With Dr. Vijaya Dharan, Massey University. 2018-2020
  • Using narrative assessment to support secondary school teachers' inclusive practices. New Zealand Council for Educational Research, teaching and Learning Research Initiative. With Prof Missy Morton (Principal Invesitgator) and Dr Anne Marie McIlroy (Associate Investigator). 2019-2020

Selected publications

Refereed books

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Refereed journal articles and book chapters

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Teaching | Current

EDUC/EDUCM 321: Politics, Philosophy and Education

EDPROFST 734: Inclusive classroom contexts

EDPROFST 764: Directions in Disability Policy and Practice

Areas of expertise

Disabled children’s childhood studies; inclusive education and teacher education; disabled children’s and young people’s rights at school; students with complex needs; ethics in research with children; qualitative research.

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Level 3, Room 304
New Zealand