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You have come to this page because you have expressed an interest in teaching languages in schools. This page contains information about our undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities for teaching languages in schools.

Study options for Teaching Languages in Schools

Options for not yet qualified teachers

In New Zealand there has never been a more exciting time to consider language teaching in schools. The New Zealand government recently made substantial changes to the national school curriculum, and from 2010 all schools have been required to offer Year 7 to 10 students the opportunity to learn a new language. This is in addition to options to take languages in Years 11 to 13.

Skills in teaching languages are also valuable beyond New Zealand, and open up potential career opportunities overseas.

  1. If you already have a degree, have at least one stage III pass in a paper in the language you’d like to teach, or can speak another language as a first language you may be eligible to enrol in the Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) where you can take EDCURSEC 667A and 667B (Teaching Languages), alongside a specialist course in your chosen language(s) – Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Samoan or Spanish (special options are available for those who wish to teach Latin). This programme, and these courses, will give you all you need to become qualified to teach a language in a secondary school.

    For more information, visit the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) page.
  2. If you would like to teach in a primary / intermediate school, and are considering a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) – Primary you can enrol in EDPROFST 360 – Teaching Languages in Schools, as part of the BEd(Tchg) degree. This optional course within the final year of the degree will give you a sound introduction to the theory and practice of teaching another language at primary level.

    For more information, visit the Bachelor of Education (Teaching) – Primary page.
  3. If you are currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts and want to include some education courses you can enrol in EDUC 318 – Teaching Languages in Schools. This optional stage III course, taught on the city campus, will give you a sound introduction to the theory of teaching another language in school contexts but be aware that the BA itself will not qualify you to teach languages in a New Zealand secondary school. For that you’ll need the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary), EDCURSEC 667A and B, and at least one language specialist course (see 1 above).
  4. If you are currently taking the Diploma in Languages in the Faculty of Arts you may be able to take EDUC 318 – Teaching Languages in Schools as part of the Diploma (see 3 above).

    For more information, visit the Diploma in Languages page on the Faculty of Arts website.
  5. If you would like to teach English as an additional language in secondary schools, check out the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary).
  6. If you would like to teach te reo Māori in schools, check out programme options available through the School of Māori Education in the Faculty of Education, Te Puna Wānanga.


Options for qualified and/or practising teachers

If you would like to pursue postgraduate study in education to enhance your skills as a teacher of languages in schools, check out these pages:



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