Dr Marek Tesar
Marek Tesar

Dr Marek Tesar
School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice

phone +64 9 623 8899 ext 46375
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office H104
email m.tesar@auckland.ac.nz
website www.education.auckland.ac.nz/uoa/marek-tesar


Marek is a lecturer in early childhood education, and has been teaching and lecturing in New Zealand and overseas for over 12 years. His focus is on childhood studies and philosophy and the history of education/childhood. His research is concerned with the construction of childhoods, and the importance of children’s literature and stories as a discourse that is not neutral, and how it affects the production of childhood subjectivities. Marek has recently completed his doctorate. He was the 2012 recipient of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) Annual Doctoral Award, and his thesis was placed on the Dean's list in recognition of the level of excellence achieved.


  • PhD in Education - The University of Auckland
  • MA in Child Psychology - Comenius University
  • Trained Teachers Certificate - Comenius University

Areas of Expertise

  • Childhood studies
  • Early childhood education
  • Children's literature
  • Philosophy of education
  • History of education

Research | Current

  • Problematizing what it means to be pedagogical in (the) early years (of) teaching
  • Construction of childhoods
  • Childhood subjectivities and children’s literature


  • EDPROFST 101 - Hauora: Early Years Wellbeing
  • EDUC 119 - Development, Learning and Teaching
  • EDCURRIC 213 - Social Sciences Education
  • EDPROFST 214 - Assessment for Learning and Teaching
  • EDPROFST 313 - The Professional Teacher
  • EDCURRIC 635 - Exploration


  • LDPP Teaching Learning Committee member
  • LDPP Postgraduate Committee member
  • Early Childhood Education Sector TE programmes subcommittee member

Professional Affiliations

  • Registered teacher with NZ Teachers Council
  • Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) member
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA) member
  • New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) member
  • Narrative and Metaphor Special Interest Network (NMSIN) member at The University of Auckland
  • Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP) member
  • Adjunct advisor of APRU DSN Executive Committee (2011-2013)

Contributions to Research Environment

  • Educational Philosophy and Theory Editorial Internship Group member (2013)
  • He Kupu journal editorial review board member (2009-present)
  • Reviewer for AJER, EPAT, NZJES, CIEC, GSC, PAE, He Kupu, DPM, NZRECE journals
  • Programme committee member, Re-conceptualizing Early Childhood Education conference (2013)
  • Research Assistant (Prof. Peter McLaren), Faculty of Education, University of Auckland (2012)
  • Conference proceedings editing, Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (2012)
  • NZJES journal research assistant, New Zealand Association for Research in Education (2011)
  • New Zealand Tertiary College Research Ethics Committee – external advisor 

Awards and Funding

  • 2013 Dean's list award for excellence in doctoral thesis
  • 2013 AERA International Travel Award
  • 2012 Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia annual doctoral award recipient
  • 2012 NZARE funding for AARE conference (invited symposium)
  • 2012 ACLAR Postgraduate Award Recipient
  • 2011 - 2012 Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia student grant recipient
  • 2011 Doctoral Academic Career Module graduate, University of Auckland
  • 2011 Nominated for Faculty of Education University of Auckland Outstanding Teaching Award
  • 2011 NZARE and MoE Literacy Grant Recipient
  • 2011 3 Minute Thesis University of Auckland finalist
  • 2010 University of Auckland Doctoral scholarship recipient
  • New Zealand Tertiary College Tinana award for excellence in teaching recipient
  • International Student Research SVOK Competition (3rd place)
  • National Student Research SVOK Competition (2nd place)


Selected Publications

Research Outputs

  • Banfield, S., Gibbons, A., Tesar, M. (2013). The quality of qualifications: Early childhood associate teacher views on policy, practicum and partnership. A report to the Auckland University of Technology School of Education. Auckland, New Zealand: AUT University.
  • Devine, N., Begg A., Benade, L., Craw, J., Gibbons, A., Reid, L. & Tesar, M. (2013). Keeping students in school: A review of the effectiveness of the Waitakere Exclusion Cluster Project, the Mt Albert Exclusion Cluster Project and the Student Engagement Initiative (SEI) Project. A report to the Ministry of Education. Auckland, New Zealand: AUT University.
  • Tesar, M. (2012). Governing Childhood through Stories: A Havelian Analysis of Childhood Subjectivities. Unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Auckland, Auckland.
  • Dočkal, V., Kretova, E., Kundrátová, B., Sedlačková, B., & Tesar, M. (2006). WISC-III (SK) - Wechsler's Intelligent Scale for Children. Praha, Czech Republic: Hogrefe TestCentrum.
  • Tesar, M. (Ed.). (2004). Proceedings from the international conference ‘40 years of Researching Psychological Development of Children and Youth - Current Issues and Perspectives in the United Europe’ (CD). Bratislava, Slovakia: VUDPaP.
  • Tesar, M. (2003). Complexities of the Psychology of Giftedness for Young Children. Unpublished Masters Thesis, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Journal Articles

  • Tesar, M. (2013). My Feelings: Power, politics and childhood subjectivities. Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT) (special issue on Early Childhood Pedagogy and Philosophy). DOI:10.1080/00131857.2013.781496
  • Tesar, M. (2013). Socialist Memoirs: The production of political childhood subjectivities. Globalisation, Societies and Education (special issue on Socialism), 11(2). DOI:10.1080/14767724.2013.782188
  • Tesar, M. (2012). Preschool, School Bag and Church: Complexities of Samoan Picture Books. Pacific‐Asian Education (special issue on Pacific early childhood education and childhoods). 24(2), 35-44.
  • Tesar, M. (2006). Pedagogical – psychological issues of working with gifted pupils. Pedagogicka Revue, 58(3), 238 – 252.
  • Tesar, M. (2004). Myths in the psychology of giftedness. Psychologia a Patopsychologia Dietata, 39(2/3), 326-337.
  • Tesar, M. (2003). Internet and the psychology of giftedness - perspectives of experts, parents and the public. Psychologia a Patopsychologia Dietata, 38(4), 370 - 386.

Chapters in Edited Books

  • Tesar, M. (2013). Parrhesia, Living in the Truth, and Power: An Educational Re-conceptualisation. In A. Begg (Ed.) Educational Provocations 2012, 43-52. Auckland, New Zealand: School of Education AUT.
  • Tesar, M. (2013). Lessons of Subversion: Ethics and Creativity in Neoliberal Academia. In M. Peters, & T. Besley (Eds.), The Creative University, 103-111. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense publishers.
  • Tesar, M. (2012). Governing childhood through stories. In M. Stephenson, I. Duhn, V. Carpenter & Airini (Eds.), Changing words: Critical Voices and new knowledge in education, 189-200. Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson.
  • Tesar, M., Zoellner, S., & Keelan, R. (2009). Our roots – our teaching. In A. Gibbons & C. Gibbs (Eds.), Conversations on Early Childhood Teacher Education: Voices from the Working Forum for Teacher Educators, 63-72. Redmond, WA: World Forum Foundation and New Zealand Tertiary College.
  • Tesar, M. (2001). Use of ARS in psychological and interdisciplinary research. In M. Bratská (Ed.), Psychologické aspekty kvality života. Zborník príspevkov zo študentských psychologických dní, 49-59. Bratislava, Slovakia: Stimul.

Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • Tesar, M. (2011). Constructions of childhood through stories. 12th APRU Conference. Beijing, China: CD.

Popular Media Outputs

  • Grimm reading? (August 13-19, 2011). Listener, p. 18.

Invited Presentations

  • Tesar, M. (2012, Dec). Crossing geographical boundaries. Invited presentation as part of the postgraduate PESA conference panel. Chiayi, Taiwan.
  • Tesar, M. (2012, Oct). The Story of Power: Archives and Their Guardians. Narrative and Metaphor Special Interest Network. Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2011, Dec). Researching Childhoods in Archival Institutions. History of Education Conference. Auckland, New Zealand.

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Tesar, M. (2013, Jul). Power and subjectivities: The complexities of early childhood classroom. Social Psychology of the Classroom Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2013, Apr). Parrhesia and Living within the Truth. AERA Conference, San Francisco, CA.
  • Tesar, M. (2012, Dec). Tell Tale Signs: Re-conceptualizing Children Subjects and Childhood Subjectivities. PESA Conference, Chiayi, Taiwan.
  • Mutch, C., Allen, L., Locke, K., & Tesar, M. (2012, Dec). Challenging orthodoxy in educational spaces: Turning our gaze on the system, the body, childhood and identity. Invited symposium (NZARE panel) at AARE conference, Sydney, Australia.
  • Craw, J., Gibbons, A., Farquhar, S., Heraud, R., Tesar, M. & White, J. (2012, Nov). Talking to the complexity of 'talking about knowing' in early childhood education. Panel at the NZARE ECE Hui, Hamilton, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2012, Nov). The Greengrocer’s Childhood Subjectivities: Hegemony and Resistance within Early Childhood Settings. 20th RECE Conference, Penn State, PA.
  • Devine, N., Gibbons, A., Heraud, R. & Tesar, M. (2012, Aug). Possibilities for generating new concepts of the university. Panel at the Creative University conference, Hamilton, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2012, Jun). Beetles, Potatoes and Childhoods: Children’s literature in the totalitarian context. ACLAR Conference, Canberra, Australia.
  • Tesar, M. (2011, Dec). Jan Patocka: Heretical philosophy and education. PESA Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2011, Nov). Adventures in the archives: The notion of ethical truth. NZARE Conference, Tauranga, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2011, Nov). The politics of children's literature. NZARE ECE Hui, Tauranga, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2011, Oct). Politics of care in children’s literature. 19th RECE Conference, London, UK.
  • Tesar, M. (2010, Dec). Illustrations of childhoods. NZARE Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2010, Sep). Childhood subjectivities: Rethinking the methodology. Conversations on Research: AUT Annual Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. (2009, Oct). ‘Little Red Riding Hood in the Land of the Long White Cloud’. NZTC Research Seminar, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Tesar, M. & Zoellner, S. (2009, May). ‘To live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy’. Early Childhood Council Annual Conference, Rotorua, New Zealand.

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