Education masters students reap the benefits of a dedicated research website

7 March 2013

Guide to Masters Research homepage

A brand new website has been launched this week for masters students at the Faculty of Education. The Guide to Masters Research website, launched by The University of Auckland Libraries and Learning Services in collaboration with the Research Office and the Faculty of Education’s Centre for Educational Design and Development, links postgraduate research students with vital information relating to University regulations, forms and courses and provides support and advice for students all within a research framework. “Early feedback about the website has revealed that doctoral candidates and supervisors also find the site useful,” says Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library Manager, Chris Moselen.

Chris knows just how challenging it can be to undertake research for the first time and navigate through the plethora of information available for postgraduate students. Her own Master of Education thesis, completed just last year, examined how postgraduate students undertake research, what resources they use and how confident they feel about their research. “This, along with a 2010 report from the Board of Graduate Studies, provided me with the critical evidence we needed to inform the development of the new website so that we can better support masters students with their own research,” said Chris.

The planning and ethics section provides useful information for masters students. It brings together information around submission deadlines, regulations, resources and workshops available, as well as tips on how to beat the paper war and keeping a research journal. Other critical information ensures students are aware of what they need to do for their literature reviews, research design and data analysis. There are links to the University’s computer software website and online help available from the Computer Skills Resources for Postgraduates website, which includes online tutorials and handouts on statistics using SPSS or Excel.

The website is being piloted at the Faculty of Education in Semester One this year and Chris is keen to get feedback from masters and doctoral candidates to help build and improve the services available online. Professor Alison Jones, a masters and doctoral supervisor, has recommended the website to her postgraduate students saying: “It is really useful. The 'jump to' button is particularly useful to access information quickly. The site has all the information about rules and so on – and it is nicely written too!”

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