Seminars with Professor Courtney Cazden

(Research Seminars)

11 March 2013 to 12 March 2013

4 - 5pm both days

Venue: J2 Lecture theatre, Gate 3, 74 Epsom Ave, Epsom, Auckland (View map).

RSVP by Thursday 7 March to
Light Refreshments will be served following the seminars.

Woolf Fisher Research Centre and the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy invite you to two presentations by

Professor Courtney Cazden
Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, USA

Monday 11 March 4 - 5pm | J2 Lecture theatre

A framework for Social Justice in Education, with Examples from Four Schools in Australia

Political philosopher Nancy Fraser has developed a theory of social justice with three dimensions: redistribution (economic), recognition (cultural), and representation (political). I will first present Fraser’s theory. Then I will describe in her terms the successes and challenges encountered in four primary schools in Australia that are/ were trying to provide educational equity for all students, especially the Indigenous students. That evidence suggests that the dimensions of redistribution and recognition are both essential for decreasing the “gap” in educational achievement, and that representation is essential for school / community relationships as well.

Tuesday 12 March 4 - 5pm | J2 Lecture theatre

Discourse in the Classroom, and Its Effects on Student Achievement and Inclusion

The ways in which classroom interaction is orchestrated by each classroom teacher is one conceptual tool for achieving greater social justice in education. This second talk shifts the focus from school-level reforms to classroom-level interventions. It also shifts genres, from four school case studies to a selective historical narrative of three clusters of U.S. research: first, the late 1970s “default” discourse structure of Initiation, Response, Evaluation (IRE); second, changes in functions and structures in the 1980-1990s, especially toward more inclusive participation; and current 21st Century research and development of “Accountable Talk.”

Dr Courtney Cazden is the Charles William Eliot Professor of Education (retired) at Harvard University. Since her first conference trip to New Zealand in 1983, she has visited many times, including as a Fulbright fellow in 1987 to study classroom interactions between Māori children and their Pakeha teachers in mainstream classrooms. Since retiring she has been consulting on educational research projects in other countries, most recently in Australia. That work is the source of the school descriptions in her first lecture. Her most recent book is the revised edition of Classroom Discourse: The Language of Teaching and Learning (Heinemann, 2001). Her second lecture can be considered a postscript to that book.

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