Dr Tony Trinick

EdD, MA, BA, HDipTchg, DipMathsEd


He pepeha

Ko Apanui te tangata
Ko Motu te Awa
Ko Whanokao te maunga
Ko te Raukumara te tuara

Research | Current

Tony’s research interests are broadly focused on a number of areas in the teaching and learning of mathematics in the medium of Maori. This includes researching the complex relationship between te reo Maori and mathematics, particularly the development of the mathematics register and the teaching and learning of the register. His research also focuses on student achievement in Maori medium mathematics and the factors that support and impinge on student progress.

Major Research Projects 2003-2015

  • Trinick, T. (2014-2015) Researcher, Evaluation of the Mutukaroa Project - Home School Partnership Project involving 100 schools, Ministry of Education.
  • Trinick, T. (2009-2013). Sylvia Park School; Home School Partnership
  • Trinick, T. & Keegan, P. & T. Morehu (2009-10) He Kainga Korerero (Community based language programmes), Research project. Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Maori Development)
  • Trinick, T. (2009) Principal Investigator Haemata Ltd. Evaluation of ‘Ako Panuku’. Secondary School Maori teacher Professional Learning Programme. With R. Tuwhangai
  • Trinick, T. (2005-2010) With T. Meaney & U. Fairhall. Investigating the teaching and learning of mathematics register in the Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Koutu
  • Trinick, T, (2003-2010) Principal Investigator, Ministry of Education. Evaluation of Maori medium numeracy professional development project (Poutama Tau). With B. Stevenson, Massey University


Teaching | Current


  • EDCURRM 104 Pāngarau: He Whakatakinga (Course Coordinator)
  • EDCURRM 105 Putaiao: He Whakatakinga (Course Coordinator)
  • EDCURRM 204 Pangarau: Te Whakaako (Course Coordinator)
  • EDUC 733 Teaching in Bilingual/Immersion Settings (Co-lecturer)
  • EDUC 750 Special Topic: Maori Education Research Topic (Lecturer)

Postgraduate supervision



  • Lisa Watson - Maori Student Success as Maori: Reciprocity, Relationships and Resilience (EdD, Co-supervisor)
  • Mere Snowden - Tihei Mauri Ora: Te Reo Maori in English Medium Schools (EdD, Co-supervisor)
  • Tepora Pukepuke - The Unstoppable Student Self: Belonging and Resilience (EdD, Co-supervisor)


  • Natalie Muller - The Value of Oral Language iPad Apps in Increasing Maori Language Learning for Children (MEd dissertation)
  • Darlene Matiu - The Lived Experiences of Maori Women in Leadership in Educational Contexts (MEd thesis)




  • Piata Allen - Te Reo Pangarau: Communicating Mathematically in Maori-medium Classrooms (MEd thesis)
  • Sharyn Heaton - Reconstructing Whare Tapawha (BA Hons dissertation)
  • Tauwehe Tamati - (MEd dissertation)


  • Director, Maori Medium Professional Learning and Development, Te Puna Wananga, Faculty of Education and Social Work (2012-)

Areas of expertise

  • Relationship between mathematics and language (te reo Maori)
  • Researching and evaluating school improvement projects
  • Language planning and language revitalisation for schooling
  • Relationship between matauranga Maori putaiao and science
  • Indigenous curriculum development
  • Culture and identity in education
  • Indigenous curriculum development

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Acting Chairperson, PGRAES Committee (2016-)
  • Postgraduate Advisor, Te Puna Wananga, Faculty of Education and Social Work (2016-)
  • Treaty of Waitangi Ethics Approver, Faculty of Education and Social Work (2006-)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Parra, A., & Trinick, T. (2017). Multilingualism in indigenous mathematics education: An epistemic matter. Mathematics Education Research Journal10.1007/s13394-017-0231-5
  • Newbold, E., Trinick, T., & Robertson, J. (2016). The critical role of the educative mentor as a leader to support the retention of beginning teachers in Māori-medium schools. Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice, 31 (1/2), 20-32.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ella Newbold
  • Trinick, A., Meaney, T., & Fairhall, U. (2016). The relationship between language, culture and mathematics. Journal of Mathematics and Culture, 10 (2), 175-191. Related URL.
  • Trinick, A. (2016). Te Reo Tātai: the development of a mathematics register for Māori-medium schooling University of Waikato. University of Waikato. Related URL.
  • Meaney, T., McMurchy-Pilkngton, C., Edmonds-Wathen, C., & Trinick, T. (2016). Distribution, recognition and representation: Mathematics education and Indigenous students. In K. Makar, S. Dole, J. Visnovaska, M. Goos, A. Bennison, K. Fry (Eds.) Research in mathematics education in Australiasia 2012-2015 (pp. 143-164). Dordrecht, Heidelberg, New York, London: Springer. 10.1007/978-981-10-1419-2_8
  • Edmonds-Wathen, C., Trinick, T., & Durand-Guerrier, V. (2016). Impact of Differing Grammatical Structures in Mathematics Teaching and Learning. In R. Barwell, P. Clarkson, A. Halai, M. Kazima, J. Moschkovich, N. Planas, M. Setati-Phakeng, P. Valero, Villavicencio Ubillús M (Eds.) Mathematics Education and Language Diversity: The 21st ICMI Study (pp. 23-46). Dordrecht, Heidelberg, New York, London: Springer. 10.1007/978-3-319-14511-2_2
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/27902
  • Trinick, T., & Dale, H. (2015). Tuturu whakamaua ko te kupu: Te whanaketanga o ngā puna kupu o te pāngarau me te tikanga ā-iwi. Paper presented at Te Puna o te Kī, Auckland, New Zealand. 3 December - 4 December 2015. Te Puna o te Kī: He kohinga kōrero nō te hui.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Hemi Dale
  • Trinick, T., Meaney, T., & Fairhall, U. (2015). Finding the way: Cultural revival through mathematics education.. Paper presented at Eighth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference, Portland, Oregon, United States. 21 June - 26 June 2015. Proceedings of the Eighth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference. (pp. 6). Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/27948

Contact details

Primary office location

D - BLOCK. EPSOM - Bldg 6ED1
Level G, Room G12
New Zealand