Mrs Youngzie Lee


Research / professional background

  •  Special education teacher in Seoul city hospital(Pediatric psychological developmental clinic)
  •  A part-time researcher at Ewha Woman's University, Seoul, Korea
  •  A part-time lecturer in special education department of Hanyang Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
  •  Special education doctorial internship at University of Virginia in the U.S.A.


Research | Current

Provisional title of thesis

The effectiveness of a parenting programme for Korean immigrant parents with children with a developmental disability living in New Zealand.

Research interest

I am interested in parenting programmes to support parents who have a child with a disability. My research will investigate parenting support for Korean immigrant parents with children with a developmental disorder such as ASD. The research will review relevant research on parenting support in Korea and New Zealand. Also, the needs of Korean immigrant parents having children with a disability will be surveyed. The review of the research and survey data collected will be analyzed by cultural differences, disabilities differences, and other important factors. This data will then be used to inform an RCT of the Stepping Stones Triple P for Korean immigrant parents of children with developmental disabilities. The RCT will investigate the effectiveness of the programme for immigrant Korean parents in New Zealand.

Postgraduate supervision

  • Main: Dr Louise Keown
  • Co: Dr Nike Franke
  • Advisor: Dr Matt Sanders