Dr Mohamed Alansari

BA, BA(1st Class Hons), MA(1st Class Hons), PhD Auckland

Research | Current

Current Projects

  • I Have a Dream: ​This is a longitudinal study based in four Northland schools in low socioeconomic communities. All students in the project have an academic mentor who will support and advise their group of students through primary school, to intermediate, secondary and into tertiary education. Academic outcomes for this group will be compared with those of similar students in other similar schools.
  • Ethnic Identity Project: This project has been funded by PBRF grants from the School of Learning Development and Professional Practice. The project involves four members of LDPP and Professor Frank Worrell from University of California at Berkeley. The team are examining the ethnic identity beliefs, attitudes to school and teachers and views of past, present and future of approximately 3000 secondary school students.
  • Teacher Expectation Project: Led by Professor Christine Rubie-Davies, This was a three-year experimental project funded by a Marsden Fast Start Grant and a grant from the Cognition Institute. The project began in 2011. This was the first ever project in the teacher expectation field designed to train teachers in the practices of high expectation teachers. The study used a randomised control design and 84 Year 3-8 teachers from 12 schools who comprised the control and intervention groups. The instructional intervention focused on grouping and learning experiences, class climate and goal setting. After just one year, students of teachers in the intervention group improved their mathematics achievement 28% above that of students with control group teachers. Analyses also showed that no matter what school, SES group, class level, ethnicity or gender, all students benefited through being with intervention teachers in comparison to controls.  To find out more about this project, visit: Teacher Expectation Project website.

Recent Projects

  • Examining Class Climate and Teacher Beliefs: This study, led by Professor Christine Rubie-Davies, looked at teacher and student perceptions of the class climate, along with teacher efficacy beliefs.
  • Induction and Mentoring Research: Building upon a previous effective induction and mentoring project, this is a national survey of induction and mentoring, led by Dr Frances Langdon, aiming at measuring the perceptions key school staff have of the quality of induction and mentoring programmes in New Zealand schools over the course of three years.

Teaching | Current

  • EDUC 117 - Teaching and Learning: An Educational Psychological Perspective
  • EDUC 223 - Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 735 - Researching Educational Settings
  • EDPROFST 757 - Undertaking Research for School Improvement

Postgraduate supervision









Siaosi Vaili


Relations between Year 13 Pasifika boys’ self-beliefs, perceptions of teacher expectations and achievement.

March 2017

November 2017


Ernstine Jones*


Writing self-efficacy of primary-aged students.

July 2017**

February 2018


Emma Joynes


What factors determine how practitioners engage with reflection and inquiry?

July 2017

July 2018


Rachel Lu*


Teacher beliefs about obtaining university entrance.

July 2017**

July 2018


Aleksie Surikov

Summer Scholarship

Navigating success: Exploring the beliefs, attitudes, and aspirations of youth over time

December 2017

February 2018


*          Enrolled part-time
**        Date I began supervising



  • Blues Award for outstanding service and leadership, University of Auckland, 2016.
  • University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship, University of Auckland, 2013–2016.
  • 3-Minute Thesis Winner, People’s Choice Award, University of Auckland, 2015.
  • Ministry of Education Tertiary Scholarship, Bahrain, 2006–2012.
  • Summer Research Scholarship, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland, 2010.
  • University of Auckland Certificates of Distinction in Educational Psychology, Statistical Theory, Advanced Calculus, Mathematical Logic, Assessment and Evaluation, Maori Education, and Counselling, 2007–2010.

Areas of expertise

  • Educational and social psychology.
  • Learning environments research.
  • Psychometric properties of data instruments.
  • Student and teacher beliefs.
  • Academic motivation and learning.

Committees/Professional groups/Services


2017    Ad hoc reviewer: Contemporary Educational Psychology. 
2017    Ad hoc reviewer: Policy Futures in Education (2 reviews). 
2016    Ad hoc reviewer: Educational Research and Reviews. 
2014    Invited reviewer: The Routledge Handbook of Social Psychology of the Classroom.
2014    Ad hoc reviewer: Contemporary Educational Psychology.
2014    Ad hoc reviewer: International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.
2014    Ad hoc reviewer: Knowledge Cultures special issue. 
2013    Invited reviewer: The Social Psychology of the Classroom International Conference.

University committees:

2016–2017      Member, Senate.
2016–2017      Member, Discipline committee.
2013–2017      Member, Postgraduate Students’ Association (PGSA).
2013–2017      Member, Auckland University Students’ Association (AUSA).
2015–2016      President, Postgraduate Students’ Association (PGSA).
2014–2016      President, Epsom Postgraduate Students’ Association (Epsom-PGSA).
2015–2016      Member, Board of Graduate Studies committee.
2015–2016      Member, Research committee.
2015–2016      Member, Student Consultative Group.
2015–2016      Member, Teaching Excellence Awards committee.
2015                Member, Inaugural University Research Excellence Forum organising committee.
2015                Postgraduate students’ representative, University of Auckland’s Postgraduate Fair.

Faculty committees:

2015–2016      Member, Postgraduate Committee.
2015–2016      Member, Postgraduate Information Sessions organising committee.
2015                Member, Doctoral and Postgraduate Symposium organising committee.
2015                Member, Social Network Group.
2010                Undergraduate students’ representative, Faculty of Science.

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