Dr Louise June Keown

PhD, MA (First Class Hons), BA


Louise is a developmental psychologist and conducts research on parenting and children’s behavioural development, particularly the family relationships and development of children at risk for ADHD. Notable work includes a longitudinal study of parenting and boys' behavioural development from early to middle childhood involving 112 families. The work provided new information on the influence of fathers on behavioural development and the preschool parenting predictors of ADHD symptoms in the early school years. Louise is a Director of the Parenting Research Group who carry out research about parenting and child development, and family intervention research aimed at preventing behavioural and emotional problems in children. Recent work includes a Ministry of Health funded project of a Māori adaptation of the Triple P Parenting Program, Te Whānau Pou Toru, in partnership with the Ngāti Hine Health Trust in Whangarei and Kawakawa. She recently led a randomised controlled trial to test the efficacy of a behavioural self‐regulation intervention with 4‐year‐old children at preschool.


Talks/Blogs/Reviews/media articles

Research | Current

  • Preschool behavioural difficulties, especially hyperactivity
  • The influence of family relationships and parenting (mothers and fathers) on children's development
  • Parenting interventions
  • Behavioural self-regulation interventions with preschool children

I have expertise in cross-sectional and longitudinal developmental research designs; observational, questionnaire, and interview methods of data collection; and quantitative data analysis techniques.

Teaching | Current


  • EDUC 115 - Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development
  • EDUC 221 - Child Development
  • EDUC 742  - Developmental Psychology

Postgraduate supervision


Doctoral candidates

  • Ripi Kaur, PhD thesis: Parenting Practices and Children's Perceptions of Parents in Sikh immigrant families in New Zealand
  • Youngzie Lee, PhD thesis: Korean parents of children with a developmental disability: Parenting practices, programme preferences, and programme effectiveness.
  • Yun Wei, PhD thesis, Chinese immigrant parents: Parenting practices, programme preferences, and effectiveness of the Group Triple Parenting Program. 
  • Vanessa Nathan, PhD thesis: Preschool intervention to enhance children's self-regulation skills, behavioural and academic outcomes.

Masters students

  • Jiahui Huang, MEd thesis: Relationships between Chinese immigrant parents of infants and toddlers and their teachers Relationships between Chinese immigrant parents of infants and toddlers and their teachers
  • Cindy Lee, MEd thesis: Co-parenting relationships between grandparents and parents and young children's behaviour in Chinese immigrant families
  • Yu Liu, MEd thesis: Relationships between Chinese immigrant fathers' parenting practices and pre-schoolers' behaviour and comparisons with New Zealand born fathers
  • Daniel Ting, MEd thesis: Teacher-student relationships and executive functions in intermediate school children


Doctoral students

  • Annie Cai, PhD thesis: Teacher expectations for children with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Melanie Palmer, PhD thesis: The effectiveness of brief parenting interventions for behaviour problems in young children.
  • Tenille Frank, PhD thesis: Father engagement and involvement in behavioural family intervention.
  • Boram Lee, PhD thesis: The characteristics of child rearing practices of two-parent and single-parent Korean immigrants in New Zealand.
  • Nike Franke, PhD thesis: A randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of Triple P Online with parents of preschool children with hyperactive/ inattentive behaviour difficulties.
  • Anne Schofield, Education Doctoral thesis: Optimal early childhood environments for fostering English language learning in children with home languages other than English.
  • Jannie Van Hees, Education Doctoral thesis: Expanding meaning potential in the classroom: The interactional and discourse patterns in Year 1 & 2 classrooms in low decile schools.
  • Qilong Zhang, Education Doctoral thesis: Parental involvement in early childhood education among Chinese parents in New Zealand.

Honours and Masters students    

  • ​Carolyn Hogg, MEd thesis: Early Childhood Teachers’ Thoughts about Positive and Negative Social Behaviour in 3 and 4-Year-old Children.
  • Xingyu Wei, MA thesis: Behavioural regulation in Chinese immigrant preschool children
  • Ripi Kaur, MA Education thesis: Relationships between child characteristics and father engagement in early and middle childhood.
  • Oneness Tang, Master of Counselling dissertation: The parenting experiences of Chinese immigrant parents before and after participation in a Triple Discussion Group on Disobedience.
  • Sinead Wilson, MEd thesis: Parenting and teaching style and social behaviour in young primary school age children.
  • Lorna Maskell, MA Education thesis: The Relationship Between Perceptions of Parenting and Depressive Symptoms for Korean Immigrant Adolescents.
  • Vanessa Nathan, Master of Professional Studies in Education dissertation:The influence of perceived maternal and paternal autonomy support and psychological control and late-adolescent ego-resiliency on late-adolescent psychosocial functioning.
  • Lynda Crisford, MA Psychology thesis: Father-son interactions and peer relationships.
  • Rebecca Elias, Master of Professional Studies in Education dissertation: Teacher knowledge and attitudes towards supporting dyslexic learners in mainstream secondary education settings.
  • Lorna Maskell, BA (Hons) dissertation: Child temperament and parenting interactions
  • Kelly Skipper, Master of Professional Studies in Education dissertation: Military fathers’ paternal involvemen..
  • Fiona Hui, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) dissertation: Self perceptions of school and social adjustment, health, and participation in leisure activities of 7-9 year old boys at risk for ADHD.
  • Heather Summerfield, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) dissertation: Mother, father and teacher ratings of preschool behaviour: demographic correlates in a sample of 4-year-old New Zealand boys.
  • Mariyam Azra Abdulraheem, Master of Education dissertation: Support services for children with autism.
  • Tolotea Siukiholeva Lanumata, Master of Arts dissertation: Exploratory study of Tongan preschool children’s home and early childhood learning environments.
  • Yu-Fen Wei, Master of Arts thesis: Cross-cultural study of parenting practices and beliefs and children’s development in early childhood.
  • Kararaaea TeWhata, Master of Arts thesis: The influence of Te Mana Tikitiki (a Māori behavioural intervention programme) on Māori children’s ethnic identity, self esteem and social, family and classroom behaviour.
  • Nyree Hanna, Master of Education thesis: Do attitudes to teaching predict ICT use in Intermediate School classrooms?
  • Jean Harold, Master of Education thesis: The effect of social and cooperative skills on the academic achievement of young children.
  • Amanda Fourie, Master of Education thesis: Comparison study of the father-child interactions of 4-year-old boys.
  • Heather Summerfield, Senior Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts research study: Examining agreement between mother, father and teacher reports of preschool children’s behaviour patterns.



  • 2003 The University of Auckland Vice Chancellor’s Research Excellence Award

Areas of expertise

  • Child and adolescent development, especially typical and atypical social, emotional and behavioural development
  • Family and parenting (mothers and fathers) influences on children's development
  • Parenting interventions
  • Behavioural self-regulation interventions with preschool children

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Ad Hoc Reviewer

  • Child Development
  • Child and Youth Services Review
  • Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review
  • Development and Psychopathology
  • European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
  • Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
  • Journal of Child and Family Studies
  • Parenting: Science and Practice

Professional Memberships

  • Australasian Human Development Association
  • International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development
  • Society for Research in Child Development
  • Society for Prevention Research
  • Triple P Research Network

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Keown, L. J., Franke, N., & Triggs, C. M. (2020). An Evaluation of a Classroom-Based Intervention to Improve Executive Functions in 4-Year Old Children in New Zealand. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION JOURNAL, 48 (5), 621-631. 10.1007/s10643-020-01023-x
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Nike Franke
  • Palmer, M. L., Keown, L. J., Sanders, M. R., & Henderson, M. (2019). Enhancing Outcomes of Low-Intensity Parenting Groups Through Sufficient Exemplar Training: A Randomized Control Trial. Child psychiatry and human development, 50 (3), 384-399. 10.1007/s10578-018-0847-z
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/45563
  • Lee, B., & Keown, L. J. (2018). Challenges and changes in the parenting experiences of Korean immigrants in New Zealand. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 27 (4), 431-450. 10.1177/0117196818810112
  • Keown, L. J., Sanders, M. R., Franke, N., & Shepherd, M. (2018). Te Whānau Pou Toru: A randomised controlled trial (RCT) of a culturally adapted low intensity variant of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program for indigenous Māori families in New Zealand. Prevention Science, 19 (7), 954-965. 10.1007/s11121-018-0886-5
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Nike Franke
  • Keown, L. J., Franke, N., & Kaur, R. (2018). Role of fathers in supporting children’s development. In M. R. Sanders, A. Morawska (Eds.) Handbook of parenting and child development across the lifespan (pp. 121-142). Cham, Switzerland: Springer. 10.1007/978-3-319-94598-9_6
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Nike Franke
  • Turner, K. M. T., Sanders, M. R., Keown, L., & Shepherd, M. (2018). A collaborative partnership adaptation model. In M. R. Sanders, T. G. Mazzucchelli (Eds.) The power of positive parenting: Transforming the lives of children, parents, and communities using the Triple P system (pp. 310-320). New York, USA: Oxford University Press.
  • Keown, L., Sanders, M. R., Franke, N., Shepherd, M., & Whānau/Parenting Research Group, Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland (2017). Te Whānau Pou Toru.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/40345
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Nike Franke
  • Keown, L., Sanders, M., Franke, N., & Shepherd, M. (2017). A randomised-controlled trial of a culturally adapted brief parenting programme. Paper presented at 18th European Conference on Developmental Psychology (ECDP), Utrecht, the Netherlands. 29 August - 1 September 2017. 18th European Conference on Developmental Psychology Abstract book.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Nike Franke


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