Dr Jennifer Tatebe

PhD, MEd, BEd, BA


Dr Tatebe is a Lecturer in the School of Critical Studies in Education, specialising in equity and social justice issues. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she graduated from the University of British Columbia (UBC) with a Masters of Higher Education, Bachelor of Education (Secondary), and Bachelor of Arts in English literature and History. Dr Tatebe’s teaching and research is informed by her teaching experience in primary, secondary, and alternative education settings in the United Kingdom and Canada; and professional tertiary roles in Student Development and Cooperative Education at UBC. Dr Tatebe joined the faculty following the successful completion of her doctorate which examined how New Zealand preservice teachers acknowledge and engage with disadvantage and poverty during their teacher preparation programs.

Research | Current

Dr Tatebe’s research examines issues of social justice in education, with particular emphasis on the ways in which political, economic, and social factors influence how disadvantage and poverty are framed in society and within the teaching profession. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative methods of inquiry, and a critical theoretical framework, her research seeks to challenge some of the existing socioeconomic inequities that impact on disadvantaged students through the lens of teacher education. Dr Tatebe's research contributes to wider educational discourses regarding the preparation of teachers for diverse student populations and disadvantaged school settings.

Teaching | Current

Students in my classes are challenged to examine social justice issues in education. Participation in discussions (in both large and small classes), interactive tutorial activities, analysis of video clips and other forms of media, and curriculum and policy documents, help to foster the development of evidence based argumentation and critical thinking skills, and the stimulation of continued thinking about equity concerns upon leaving the classroom.

I have an open door policy for students. I actively encourage my students to contact me at any time about their coursework, assignments and academic support initiatives to help them achieve their academic goals.

Courses I currently teach on include:

  • EDUC 118: History and Society in New Zealand Education
  • EDUC 113: Current Issues in Education
  • EDUC 116: Introduction to Educational Thought
  • EDUC 213: Education and Social Justice
  • EDUC 321: Politics, Philosophy and Education
  • EDPROF 741: Teaching for Social Justice and Inclusion
  • EDPROF 754: Research Methodologies
  • EDPROFST 774: Education and Empowerment


Areas of expertise

Social justice and education

Urban schooling

Teacher education

Contact details

Primary office location

Level 3, Room 312A
New Zealand