Dr Lyn McDonald

EdD, MEdAdmin (Hons), BEd, DipTchg


Lyn is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice.  She has an enthusiasm and passion for teaching student teachers within both the University and supervising them when they are on practicum.  Lyn believes there needs to be strong and effective links between the University and schools in order to optimise student teacher learning on both sites. For her doctoral study she is researching the role and relevance of the Visiting Lecturer on practicum and the influence they have on Student Teacher learning.


Research | Current

My research earlier involved investigating what student teachers learn when on practicum and the role the associate teacher has on this developing pedagogy. In 2009 I presented a paper at BERA with a peer reviewed publication in this research area and had a book published. I also wrote a chapter for a book and contributed to another chapter based on the research I had done in the field of student teacher learning on practicum. In 2010 I enrolled in the EdD programme and my research question(s) explores the role of the visiting lecturer in student teacher learning while on practicum. In 2011 I completed a pilot study in this field. I am currently writing up my findings in my doctoral research. I have also been involved in the following research projects.

Research Projects

  • 2011- 13 I am a Senior Researcher in the Marsden project entitled Teacher Expectations. I have been out in schools collecting data for this project, attended the workshops for the intervention teachers, and will be in an advisory role with a group of schools
  • 2009 I took part in the application process for the NZTC project Induction and Mentoring Pilot programme which included: consultation on the proposal with Uniservices, putting together the proposal with the project team and Uniservices, working on the proposed model with the team.
    This application was successful and for 2009-10 I was involved in the interviewing of PRTs, focus groups with principals and analysing the data. In 2010 the research project continued and also the writing of papers which come from the research
  • 2008-9 I took part in a research project with Dr Christine Rubie-Davies and Annaline Flint entitled Teacher expectations and teacher efficacy. We helped in the sending out of the questionnaires, collecting of data from the school, analysing and interpreting. We then co-authored a report for schools and wrote two abstracts sent for BERA and EARLI conferences 2009 which were accepted with full written, refereed papers. A paper based on the research has also been submitted to a British journal and was successful
  • 2009 I took part in the research project Re-conceptualising practicum pilot with Dr Lexie Grudnoff. This involved working with Newmarket School in the role as Liaison Lecturer, visiting and assessing student teachers and working with the Liaison Teacher within the school

Teaching | Current

  • Assessment
  • Professional aspects of Teaching
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History

Programmes and courses:

  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary)
  • EDPROFST 608 A and B Learning and Teaching in NZ
  • Postgraduate EDPROFST 790 A and B Dissertation


Postgraduate supervision

I have supervised (2009-2012) and continue to supervise students completing their honours year after the BEd(Tchg).


  • Co-ordinator for EDPROFST 608A and B
  • Co-ordinator for EDPROFST 790A and B
  • Supervision of students in the Honour's cohort
  • Member of LDPP committee for Grad Dip Teaching (Primary)




Areas of expertise

Student teacher learning on practicum, the role of the visiting lecturer in student teacher learning on practicum, learning theories, learning and assessment, teacher expectations and the impact on children's learning.

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • GradDipTchg (Primary) co-ordinators committee
  • Interview panel GradDipTchg (Primary)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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New Zealand

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