Ms Ann McGlashan

MAandD, DipTchg


Ann McGlashan is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education.

Ann currently lectures in the pre-service primary and secondary programmes for the learning area of Technology in the New Zealand curriculum and Design & Visual Communication.

Ann was one of the first women in New Zealand to train to teach and assess design technology (hard materials) by first training towards an architectural draughting qualification, via a building cadetship and then running her own contract architectural and interior design draughting business.

Prior to her current work in teacher education Ann ran Technology and Graphics departments in High Schools teaching product design within the Technology and Graphics (now Design & Visual Communication) syllabuses for a number of years.

As an advisor to schools in the Auckland/Northland regions Ann helped bring the new technology curriculum into schools. Up until 2008  Ann held a dual role in the Faculty of Education and Team Solutions as a senior lecturer in Technology and as an advisor of Graphics for the Auckland/Northland regions.

A number of years ago Ann was appointed to the writing team for the then new Graphics Bursary paper by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and also contributed to the draft curriculum for Technology in the New Zealand Curriculum. A member of expert writing teams for the Ministry of Education Ann helped to develop achievement based assessment for the NCEA (National Certificate in Education) assessment initiative, helping to bring in portfolio based assessment for creative based subjects. Until recently Ann was involved in national assessment as chief assessor, panel leader, moderator and marker for NCEA since its inception. Her contributions to the Graphics/ Technology learning community included the co-authoring of Design and Graphics in Technology - a resource for yrs 1-8. (2001, Wellington, Learning Media). Ann is an inaugural member of the NZAATE (New Zealand Association of Academics in Technology Education) and is an invited member of the Ministry of Education review and maintenance programme discussion panel (RAMP), for the Learning Area of Technology 2015. As the tertiary education representative for the Auckland GTTA (Graphics & Technology Teachers' Association), Ann assists in running regular meetings for the school community.

Ann’s ongoing postgraduate studies have gained her a masters degree in Art & Design with a focus on the way designers carry out their creative process. Her current research continues this theme to explore and identify underlying theory and strategies towards educating for a creative response.

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Teaching | Current

Papers prepared and implemented  in the programme for pre-service Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) Technology and Design & Visual Communication :

  • Edcursec 639
  • Edcursec 640
  • Edcursec 641
  • Edcursec 642
  • Edcursec 644 A & B

Postgraduate supervision

Master's supervision 2013 and 2014


  • Sole charge pre-service teacher training in Design & Visual Communication and Technology Secondary.
  • Curriculum & Pedagogy representative on the Equity Committee.
  • Member of the Hauora Committee
  • Invited member of New Zealand Association of  Academics in Technology Eduction (NZAATE).
  • Invited member of the Ministry of Education Review and Maintence programme discussion panel (RAMP).
  • Tertiary representative of the GTTA (Graphics and Technology teachers' association).
  • Member of the Faculty Digital Technology working group - Advocacy and communication.

Areas of expertise

Design and Visual Communication and Technology pre-service education.

Research related to creative problem solving.

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Panel member of GATTA ( Graphics and Technology Teachers' Association) Tertiary representative.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • McGlashan, A. (2018). A pedagogic approach to enhance creative Ideation in classroom practice. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 28 (2), 377-393. 10.1007/s10798-017-9404-5
  • McGlashan, A. A. (2015). The Technological Knowledge Strand: Is that all there is?. Australasian Journal of Technology Education, 210.15663/ajte.v2i1.31
  • McGlashan, A. A. (2014). Intervention through Design: Encouraging a creative approach to learning in Technology. Australasian Journal of Technology Education, 1, 39-48. 10.15663/ajte.v1i0.15
  • McGlashan, A. A., & Wells, A. W. J. (2013). The road less travelled: a pre-service approach towards the technology teaching profession. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 23 (4), 939-952. 10.1007/s10798-012-9218-4
  • McGlashan, A. A. (2010). Designer stories - a commentary on the community of design practice. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 21 (2), 235-260. 10.1007/s10798-010-9116-6

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Monday to Friday when not lecturing

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New Zealand