Faculty of Education and Social Work

Zhu Yao

Zhu Yao from China is studying a PhD in Education.

“I enrolled in the Master of Education so I could gain more research experience in my area of interest, which is gifted and talented students in the primary and secondary levels.”

“My goal is to have a university career as a lecturer and researcher. My lecturer in Hong Kong recommended the University of Auckland and after researching online, I made my decision to study here.

“I really enjoyed my studies because my supervisor, Dr John Hope, is very kind and warm hearted, and the other staff were also supportive.

My supervisor also taught me the importance of critical thinking, which has been helpful especially for my academic achievement.

“Submitting my masters dissertation was an unforgettable experience. It was my first time doing this kind of research independently. I really felt a strong sense of achievement when I finished, which gave me the confidence to study further and pursue my PhD.

“The University gives you freedom to choose and is a good place to do research in your area of interest.”