Faculty of Education and Social Work

Yi Xin Heng

Yi Xin
Yi Xin Heng, from Singapore, is in her first year of studying towards a Bachelor of Social Work

“A Public Service Commission Scholarship, from the Government of Singapore enabled me to pursue my undergraduate studies in Social Work here at the University of Auckland.  

“The University of Auckland has a distinguished education and social work faculty. There is considerable diversity and expertise which can be seen in how the lecturers have worked in a variety of fields such as mental health, child poverty, grief and loss, and much more. Many of the lecturers are still active in academia and advocacy and studying at the University of Auckland is giving me a chance to learn the best practices from them. The University also invites international speakers for panel discussions, making me feel assured that I will be intellectually stimulated in my time here.

“Living in a hall is a good place to make friends. I have had conversations with students from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, England, Korea, Iran and China. Whitaker Hall, where I am staying, is especially cosy and comfortable. Being made of bricks, it has a homely feel. The hall community here is a huge reason why I am not homesick. The resident managers and resident advisors (student mentors) look after us very well and there is a huge variety of social and sporting activities.

“Auckland is definitely the best place to be in New Zealand. Think – people from all over the world, learning from experts, a great place for adventure and comfort."