Faculty of Education and Social Work

EDUC 223 - Educational Psychology

Course description

15 points

An introduction to new ways of thinking about learning in educational settings: how students can develop their learning abilities, be more strategic in their learning, and increase their motivation. These questions and themes can be applied to educational, family and work settings, and to students with different learning needs. A foundation to advanced courses in psychological studies in education.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the contribution of educational psychology to expertise in teaching and learning
  • Explain how educational psychology constructs are applicable in the classroom
  • Describe educational psychology findings in relation to teaching and learning in diverse classrooms and the implications of stereotyping
  • Discuss giftedness, disability and learning disorders and how to approach these differences in the classroom from an educational psychology perspective
  • Explain varying theoretical perspectives of important constructs in educational psychology.

Assessment Task Requirement

Students must complete all components of the Assessment Tasks to achieve an overall pass on this course. Students must achieve at least 50% for the course and hand in all assignments to achieve completion to the satisfaction of the examiners.

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General Assignment information

Attendance and Participation

Attendance in class as well as engagement with course activities and readings supports academic success. Therefore it is strongly recommended that students make every effort to attend class and complete all the necessary in-class requirements. For those students who are enrolled in flexible delivery courses full participation in, and completion of all the online activities is strongly recommended as an aid to success.

Students are urged to discuss privately any impairment-related requirements face-to-face and/or in written form with the course director/lecturer and/or tutor.