Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education (BSportHPE) pathways and careers

Choose one of our tailored pathways to develop specialised knowledge in one of five subject areas, or choose electives across all areas to create your own.


health education and promotion

The health education and promotion pathway will develop your knowledge of population health, such as the factors that influence people’s health and provide the skills needed to improve and manage the health of people in communities. This includes courses that will enable you to develop an in-depth knowledge of how contemporary health issues, such as mental health, sexual health, alcohol, drugs and obesity, affect people in Aotearoa New Zealand.  

Career options include:

  • Health promotion
  • Community health education
  • Youth work
  • Education/Health policy analysis
  • Social entrepreneurship
sport coaching

Through the sport coaching and leadership pathway, you will take courses that will develop the skills needed to deliver sport and recreation activities in diverse community settings. This will include examining and applying effective coaching practices and principles, exploring the role of media in sport, and developing an understanding of how children, youth and adults in Aotearoa New Zealand engage with sport, recreation and physical activity.

Career options include:

  • Professional coaching, administration and management
  • Community sport and physical activity coordination
  • Partnerships and engagement coordination
  • Sports programme development and coordination in schools
  • Sport event coordination
sport sci

The sport science pathway1 will advance your knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, sports and exercise injuries, recovery and rehabilitation. You will develop an understanding of how the body moves, how it responds to physical activity (and inactivity), how fitness can be tested and developed, and the connections between physical activity and health.

Career options include:

  • Community sport/physical activity facilitation
  • Corporate health and wellbeing advising
  • Physical activity coordination
  • Group fitness leadership
  • Research
health and PE ed

The health and physical education pathway will develop your knowledge of physical education, health education, sports, outdoor education, aquatics and games. By choosing courses in this area you will develop an understanding of pedagogy, curriculum and programme implementation in primary and secondary school contexts and will critically examine a range of contemporary issues in the fields of sport, health and physical education.

Career options include:

  • Health and physical education teaching/ coordination2
  • Kaiwhakahaere working with Kōhanga / Puna Reo
  • Education consultancy for national and regional sporting organisations
  • Community physical activity coordination
  • Professional development



The dance pathway3 features courses that will develop your understanding of movement, dance improvisation, and choreography. It combines both theoretical and practical classes in order to be able to analyse dance theories and practices, including those that shape teaching and learning of dance in diverse community and school settings. You will also create choreography to be shared through film and/or live performances.

Career options include:

  • Community dance teaching
  • Dance education
  • Disability dance
  • Choreography
  • Events coordination (eg, Polyfest, Te Matatini, Street Dance competition)

1. Courses in the Sport Science pathway are taught in conjunction with the Faculty of Education and Social Work and the Department of Exercise Sciences.

2. To teach in primary or secondary schools, an additional teaching qualification is required. The Faculty of Education and Social Work offers a one-year teaching qualification which can be studied after the completion of this qualification (subject to meeting criteria).

3. Courses in the Dance pathway are taught in conjunction with the Faculty of Education and Social Work and the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries.

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