Faculty of Education and Social Work

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) - Early Childhood Education Pasifika Specialisation

The faculty will not be offering the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Pasifika specialisation to new students from 2018. If you would like to gain a qualification to become a teacher in a range of early childhood education settings, we recommend that you apply for the Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Childhood Education specialisation. 


This programme takes three years full-time study to complete. The requirement is to pass 360 points to complete this programme.

In the first year, students must complete 120 points from the following courses.

In the second year you need to pass 120 points from the following courses.

  • EDPRAC 202 - Practicum Early Childhood 2
  • EDPROFST 204 - Te Whāriki for Diverse Learners
  • EDPROFST 214 - Assessment for Learning and Teaching
  • EDCURRPK 116 - Lafilafiaga Tau tufuga Pasifika - Integrating Pasifika Arts
  • EDCURRPK 111 - Ng ue’aki e Tekinolosia - Experiencing Technology - Pasifika
  • EDCURRPK 210 - Aoaoga o fanau laiti - Infants/Toddler Pedagogies - Pasifika
  • EDCURRPK 211 - Gagana ma lana matafaioi - Language & Literacies - Pasifika
  • EDCURRPK 212 - Fika ‘i he Fanau Iiki - Mathematics in the Early Years - Pasifika

In the third year you need to pass 120 points from the following courses.

  • EDUC 321 - Politics, Philosophy and Education
  • EDPROFST 313 - The Professional Teacher
  • EDPRAC 306 (30 points) - Practicum: Enabling Achievement Early Childhood
  • EDCURRPK 121 - Moui olaola - Holistic Development - Pasifika
  • EDCURRPK 313 - Tuvatuva vakarautaki ena vuli me qito - Play and Pedagogy - Pasifika
  • EDCURRPK 322 - Moui fakaagaga i loto he tau Aoga Fanau Ikiiki he Pasifika - Spirituality and Young Pasifika Children
  • EDCURRPK 353 - Su’esu’ega loloto i le faaaogaina o gagana - Critical Investigation in the Role of Pacific Languages in Education


Over the course of this programme you will spend a minimum of 20 weeks on practical teaching experience, called practicum, to get a feel for what it’s really like to work in a centre.

This is an opportunity for you to observe expert teaching, practise your own skills and discuss relevant issues with practising professionals. The practicum programme is a collaborative partnership with a range of early childhood centres where you’ll be placed in a number of different settings.

Initially you may work with individual children and small groups. You will work alongside experienced associate teachers, facilitate groups and take increasing teaching responsibilities as you progress through the programme. University supervisors will also visit you to support your development as a teacher, and to provide feedback.



You’ll be assessed through assignments, practical work experience in early childhood centres and examinations. Grades are awarded on an A+ to D– scale except for practicum, which is graded with a pass/fail.