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Education in the Liberal Arts

If you are interested in education, but not necessarily teaching, you can study Education as either a major, or elective subject within a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The study of Education is essential to informing and understanding life in a modern society. Studies in Education also complement a wide range of other subjects and degrees.

Quick facts
3 years or 6 years part-time  
Major/minor Education
Taught at
City Campus
Points per degree 360
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Programme highlights

  • Choose from a wide range of courses dealing with varied aspects and areas of education such as gender and education, child and adolescent development, and the sociology, philosophy, politics and psychology of education.
  • Course material is informed by the latest research in education. Learn from lecturers who are specialists in their field.
  • Opens doors into a wide variety of career opportunities.
  • Opportunity to complete part of your BA overseas at one of more than 90 universities in 25 different countries. 

What you'll be studying

In the first year you will:

  • Take a total of eight courses: Visit the Faculty of Arts website for a list of the subjects available and recommended structure. You will need to include at least two Stage 1 courses in Education in order to take this subject at a more advanced level later.

In subsequent years:

  • Choose at least two subjects from your first year to study at a higher level.
  • Select one of these subjects as your major (primary focus), which you will study to Stage III level.
  • Select your minor (secondary focus) or a second major.
  • If you chose Education as your major or minor you may choose to specialise in a specific area of education or simply select courses of interest.
  • You also have the opportunity to take more courses from other subjects and will complete courses from the General Education schedules.

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Liberal Arts programme

The Liberal Arts Programme includes the BA in Education, BA(Hons) in Education and the MA in Education degrees. These degrees blend education with core disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, sociology and history to address important educational questions and issues. Courses cover theory and research across a wide variety of areas ranging from effective teaching, child and adolescent development, gender and education, Māori education, Pacific education and adult education.

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Choose your career

A BA in Education can open up a variety of career paths. Education is a broad sector where you can work in education-based services or in educational roles in other organisations. You might work in management and administration, government, the diplomatic service, tourism, the arts, media, the film industry, advertising, writing, editing and publishing, human resources, policy analysis, research, information management, social services or translation.

With postgraduate study, graduates in Education have gained employment helping with the planning and servicing of education in New Zealand and overseas; in human resource and personnel work; in marae-based training; and in polytechnics and universities doing research and helping others study aspects of education.

Note: This qualification will give you an in-depth knowledge of education but does not qualify you to teach. You can apply to do a further year of graduate diploma study to qualify as a teacher. Secondary teaching will require your BA to include subject choices that link to secondary school subjects.

Sample programme structure

Sample programme structure

Interested in further study?

With a BA you can go on to study at honours, graduate or postgraduate level. This can lead to study at masters and doctoral level.

For further information

The BA is offered by the Faculty of Arts. For further information on the BA degree and how you can include Education in your study visit www.arts.auckland.ac.nz.