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Frequently asked questions

This page contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What happened to the Auckland College of Education?

The Auckland College of Education amalgamated with the School of Education at the University of Auckland in 2004 to become the Faculty of Education. This has combined the best of both institutions including almost 130 years of experience in teacher education and the research-led expertise of New Zealand’s largest University. The Epsom Campus is now the main campus for the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland.


What if I’m not sure if I’m ready to start university?

Maybe it has been a while since you studied or you feel that you need a bit of extra preparation. Perhaps you don’t meet the entry requirements or have enough NCEA credits. If so, we also offer two foundation programmes at our Epsom campus to bridge you into further study at the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

Successful completion of these certificates helps you meet the entry criteria for admission to The University of Auckland for undergraduate programmes of study offered by the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

You could also consider doing New Start, a three-month bridging course at the City Campus, in Manukau or in Henderson for people over 20 who want to prepare for university study. The course is also run at Tai Tokerau Campus in Whangarei over seven Saturdays. Find out more about New Start.


What’s the difference between admission and enrolment?

You are ‘admitted’ to The University of Auckland when you have met the academic requirements for entry to the university. You are ‘enrolled’ when you accept an offer of a place in your chosen programme and have completed necessary documentation. When you are successfully enrolled you will receive an invoice for your fees.


What do education and social service professionals get paid?

Teachers in publicly funded schools in New Zealand are covered by collective employment agreements.

Early childhood teaching

Primary teaching

Secondary teaching

Social work and human services

  • Pay rates vary in social services but a social worker or human services practitioner with a bachelors degree might expect a starting salary of about $35,000 to $58,000 depending on their field of work.
  • Team leaders and practice managers can expect a salary range up to $80,000.


A Principal's salary can vary based on the number of students at the school. Most primary, intermediate and secondary schools in New Zealand are graded based on roll size. For example, a Grade 1 school has a roll size between 1 and 50 students. A Principal at a Grade 1 school can earn approximately $78,000. A Principal at a Grade 5 school (301-500 students) can earn approximately $106,000, and at a Grade 16 school (2401+ students) this can be as high as $148,000.


Please note: These figures are indicative only and there can be some variation depending on individual contracts.



Can I take advantage of the University’s 360° Auckland Abroad programme to study overseas?

360° Auckland Abroad programme gives you the opportunity to complete part of your degree at one of more than 80 partner universities in 25 countries. You can apply to participate in this programme if you enrol in the Bachelor of Arts with Education as a major, minor or elective subject or if you participate in our postgraduate programmes. At this stage we are unable to offer it in Faculty of Education and Social Work undergraduate degrees because it clashes with the practicum requirement of these programmes.

Read more about 360° Auckland Abroad


Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about admission at the main University website.

Read more information for secondary school students.