Lauren Bartley

Bachelor of Social Work


“When I was travelling after completing Year 13 I met a young boy in Albania who was severely oppressed, malnourished and living
in abject poverty. Meeting him changed my life and further prompted me to make a difference in the world. I chose social work as the path to do that.

“In the first year of the Bachelor of Social Work programme you are not expected to know the direction you want to take with your degree. Guest lecturers from a large number of different social work organisations enable you the freedom to explore all the options available.

“Being a student in the social work programme has given me a significant sense of belonging to a big family. I’ve loved getting to know the people in my class, they have become some of my best friends and each brings to the group their own unique personality and background. It is the best thing to be a part of such a diverse family!”

Lauren Bartley is studying for a Bachelor of Social Work


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