Hannah Allen

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Childhood Education specialisation


“I have a passion for working with and encouraging children, and I love the vibrant energy that the field of early childhood education offers.

“I know that an Early Childhood Education degree can open doors to many different areas of work. I am hoping to involve music and art in my work with young children, and pursue creative expressions with them, as that is something I am very passionate about.

“The University of Auckland appealed to me because of its great reputation worldwide and the strong support it offers its students. I knew that I would also enjoy the rich academic environment. The lecturers are all very friendly and caring, and I made good friends with the other students straight away because we were doing everything together.

“I absolutely love the environment and facilities at Epsom Campus. There’s always enough seats in the library, and free car parking too. You can get a smile from any stranger you walk past on the campus — it’s so warm and friendly.”

Hannah Allen is studying for a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Childhood Education specialisation.


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