Daniel Abricossow

Bachelor of Physical Education

Daniel Abricossow

“My inspiration to pursue a career in Physical Education came from my PE teachers at Tauranga Boy’s College.

When comparing similar programmes around the country, the University of Auckland stood out to me due to its practical (hands on) nature of learning, as well as incorporating a teaching qualification into the Bachelor of Physical Education degree.

Learning what it means to be a good PE teacher, and how I can get myself to that level is something I am consistently getting out of my time here. We’re being taught by world class lecturers who have been there – done that, and taught all over New Zealand; so the experience and lessons they are passing on are invaluable.

I would love to specialise in teaching Health in secondary schools around New Zealand. I enjoy the Physical Education side of teaching, but I believe that Health is potentially the most important and significantly undervalued subject in our curriculum.”


Daniel Abricossow is in his second year of study for a Bachelor of Physical Education.

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