Alana Van Bergenhenegouwen

Bachelor of Human Services


“I was involved with youth organisations a lot throughout my high school years, and after school became a mentor for one of these organisations. This got me thinking of a career working with youth.

“The University of Auckland was the only university I came across that offered a course like the Bachelor of Human Services.

“I moved from Whangarei to Auckland to study this degree. I’ve enjoyed gaining and applying new knowledge that I know will help me in my life and career. The courses I took were interesting, expanded my knowledge and my classmates were all so friendly and shared the same passion I have.

“I finish my degree this year and have a job offer, but I’m also interested in postgraduate study to become a qualified counsellor so I can work with youth in this way too."

Alana Van Bergenhenegouwen is studying for a Bachelor of Human Services.


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