Faculty of Education

Graduate Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Teacher's Specialisation

2015 Postgraduate Course Handbook

The Faculty of Education 2015 Postgraduate Course Handbook is a guide to the courses offered by the faculty in 2015. Included is information on which programmes the courses can be studied within, the semester and timetabling of each course, and the delivery mode and will be available from mid October.


Timetable information

The courses and timetables printed in the handbook are confirmed and correct at time of printing but please note that some changes may occur. Check online for the most up-to-date timetable for each course:

*Courses marked in bold font with an asterix are core courses within the BEd(Tchg) - Teachers' specialisation.

**All courses listed below are offered in the Graduate Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Education (Teaching) - Teachers’ specialisation except for EDPROFST 220, 226 which can only be studied in the Graduate Diploma in Education.

Some courses in the programme structures for these two programmes may be timetabled in 2015 in another programme (eg, Bachelor of Physical Education or Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)). To enquire if these courses are scheduled, please contact the Education Student Centre.

Course Code Course Title Semester Campus
EDCURRIC 345 Literacy in the Primary School 1 Epsom
EDCURRIC 347 A&B Helping Children Succeed in Maths Full year Epsom
EDCURRIC 349 A&B Understanding and Extending Mathematical Thinking Full year Online/Study guide
(4 on-campus days)
EDCURRIC 350 Teaching Mathematics Investigations
Summer Epsom
EDCURRIC 356 Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts Summer Epsom
EDCURRIC 360 Teaching and Planning Technology
1 Epsom
EDCURRIC 361 The Performance Arts in Education Summer Epsom
EDCURRIC 363 Drama Studies
2 Epsom
EDCURRIC 368 Initiating and Supporting Learning in Music Summer Epsom
EDCURRM 301 Teaching and Te Reo Māori 1 Epsom
EDPROFST 220** Introduction to Samoan Language for Teaching
GradDipEd only
Summer Epsom
EDPROFST 222* Reporting Student Achievement 1 Epsom
EDPROFST 226** Introduction to Bilingual Education
GradDipEd only
1 Epsom
EDPROFST 325 Introduction to Leadership in Education 2 Online/Study guide
EDPROFST 344 Sport, Games and Play Summer Epsom
EDPROFST 350* Assessment for Learning 2 Epsom
EDPROFST 355* The Politics of Education 1 Epsom
EDPROFST 357* Reflective Practice for Teachers
2 Epsom
EDPROFST 358* Refining Professional Performance 1


EDPROFST 359 Supervising Professional Performance 2 Epsom
EDPROFST 363 Environmental Education: An Introduction Summer Epsom
EDPROFST 364 Enterprise and Innovation for Teaching
2 Epsom
EDPROFST 377 Bilingual Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy 2 Epsom
EDPROFST 378 Critical Approaches to Literacy 1 Epsom
EDPROFST 700 A&B Literacy Education: Research and Practice Full year
(early start)
Online/Study guide
(3 on-campus days)
EDPROFST 701 Issues in Literacy Education 2 (early start) Online/Study guide
(3 on-campus days)
EDPROFST 702 Challenges of Literacy Difficulties 2 (early start) Online/Study guide
(3 on-campus days)
EDPROFST 703 A&B The Inquiring Teacher: Literacy Education Full year
(early start)
Online/Study guide
(3 on-campus days)