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Certificate of Proficiency

A Certificate of Proficiency is an option if you want to study just one course - not a full qualification. It will give you recognition for taking a course outside the framework of a University of Auckland degree.

A Certificate of Proficiency (COP) enables you to gain recognition for studying a course outside the framework of a formal University degree. If you decide you have a taste for learning and want to reassign the points from your COP course to a qualification, our student advisers can help you to plan the best study option for you.

If you are a teacher in a primary or intermediate school the Ministry of Education subsidised courses may be taken as a Certificate of Proficiency. Your eligibility will need to be considered and any prerequisites, corequisites or other conditions must be met.

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Reassigning Certificate of Proficiency courses to a degree

After completing a COP, should you decide that you would like to go on to complete a University qualification you may be able to reassign the points from your COP.

A course, or courses, passed for a Certificate of Proficiency may be able to be reassigned to a taught masters degree, a postgraduate diploma or a postgraduate certificate provided that:

  • No more than 30 points are reassigned.
  • The enrolment in the postgraduate qualification is no later than three semesters from the initial enrolment in the course(s) reassigned from Certificate of Proficiency.
  • The application to reassign is made at the time you are admitted to the postgraduate qualification.
  • The course is available in the schedule of the qualification to which it is reassigned.

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Application for admission

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