Faculty of Education and Social Work

Student Advice Hub

We are here to help.

The Student Advice Hub offers free support to all students, independent from the University. The Student Advice Hub is also where you can access AUSA’s advocacy, welfare and representation services. Our staff can help you with:

  • Academic complaints and study problems
  • Debt or funding issues
  • Housing and tenancy queries
  • Employment issues and much more



Introducing Denise Lazelle 

Denise works for the AUSA and is the Advocacy Manager. She has set up the Epsom Student Advice Hub in the Academic Success Centre. She is a trained mediator and teacher​. She has extensive experience working with students at both Victoria University and the University of Auckland.  

​What does she do?​

Denise works with students to assist them with academic appeals and disputes, to make complaints, or to assist them with disciplinary action taken against them. ​

​When would you seek help from Denise?

  • ​When you have a problem and need independent advice and support
  • When you have been asked to attend a disciplinary related meeting
  • ​If you h​ave any general questions, worries and problems.

How can she help you with?

  1. She can assist students to write a letter or email for an academic appeal, grievance or complaints.
  2. She will explain ​the universities complex regulations surrounding academic grievance. 
  3. She can direct them to appropriate staff or services and give general advice on how to proceed on lots of different matters.

​What's the point of difference?​

  1. Denise is​ independent from the University and she knows the University statutes and grievance procedures well.
  2. She can guarantee a student's confidentiality, and is highly experienced in dealing with student matters. 

You may contact Denise and the Student Advice Hub via the following:

Email: cityhub@ausa.org.nz

Phone: 09 9237294

Website: http://www.ausa.auckland.ac.nz/support/student-advice-hub/