Faculty of Education and Social Work

Speech-language therapist

Assistance is available to any student who would like to work on developing skills and confidence in voice, speech, language and oral communication. No cost is involved and confidentiality is assured. Students seek help to improve their skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Developing a more expressive voice
  • Voice projection
  • Developing a stronger voice
  • Slowing down the pace of spoken English
  • Reading aloud
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Pronunciation and mastering those 'difficult' words or sounds
  • Developing competence in oral English for speakers of English as a second, or additional language.

You can also get information and advice about all aspects of spoken language, including speech and language development and disorders.

Let’s Talk

Meet with other students and the faculty Speech Language Therapist to get practice listening to and speaking English.

Let’s Talk is a structured conversation class aimed at improving your listening comprehension, speaking fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, your knowledge of New Zealand current affairs and New Zealand colloquialisms (slang). No need to enrol – drop in to join the conversation!

Wednesdays during semester dates 12.00-1.00pm. Room N 313.  


Elaine Tasker
Phone: +64 9 623 8899 ext 48756
Email: e.tasker@auckland.ac.nz
Room: N321, N Block