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Course planning and enrolment

If you have completed your application and have accepted your offer of place you can now begin to enrol in your courses for 2017. Enrolment can be completed online which allows you to manage updates quickly and at any time. If you are yet to apply, click the 'apply now' button on the right.

2017 Timetable and Enrolment Guides (Undergraduate)

Enrolment for 2017 is now open and our Timetable and Enrolment Guides are here to help you select the right courses for your programme. Click here to download the PDF of your programme's enrolment guide.  



2017 Timetable and Enrolment Guides (Postgraduate)

Download the enrolment guides for the postgraduate programmes below:


2017 Degree Planners (Undergraduate)

On top of our Timetable and Enrolment Guides we also have degree planners in a format perfect for sticking on your wall. Click here to download a planner for your wall.



Postgraduate and Graduate programmes

Identify which courses are available for your qualification by referring to your qualification’s programme structure here



Not sure how to enrol?

For a quick demonstration, see How to enrol in a course. Please ensure you use CLASS SEARCH to look for your courses.

Applying for a Concession? For a quick demonstration, see How to apply for an enrolment concession.  

If you have any further questions you can see AskAuckland 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or contact education@auckland.ac.nz.


Academic English Language Requirement (AELR)

From 2016, the University introduced an academic English language requirement for entry into all its undergraduate programmes. To find out more click here.