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Our project-based approach to delivering the faculty’s strategic vision means that we welcome proposals from within and outside the faculty that will benefit our stakeholders.

If you and your team have a project involving educational technology that you believe is valuable to the faculty and its wider communities, contact:

Current Projects

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Collaborative Active Learning Spaces (CALS) Project

The Digital Learning Team leads the faculty’s Collaborative Active Learning Spaces (CALS) Project to support new pedagogical approaches using technology-enhanced, interactive learning spaces. These are equipped with widescreen televisions, projector displays and a set of iPads.

Ako Aotearoa National Project Fund

Project Title: Learners and mobile devices: A framework for enhanced learning and institutional change.

In collaboration with five other tertiary institutions, this project addresses knowledge gaps in the mobile learning (m-learning) field of research.  The project is generating a range of practical strategies for students, teachers and leaders to utilise the affordances of mobile devices for pedagogical transformation and empowering learners.

Online Assessment and Feedback project

The Online Assessment and Feedback project is promoting professional development workshops to support a move to online assignment submission.  We aim to increase the use of a wider variety of online assessment methods and tools, including peer and group assessment, collaborative writing, student-led assessment and culturally-inclusive assessment.

Learning analytics

Learning analytic systems have the potential to assist the faculty in strategic aims, including helping academic and professional staff design intervention initiatives specific to the requirements of individual learners. Learning analytics data can inform efforts to improve existing course content, and enable staff and students to understand ‘learning’ at both the group and individual levels.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) learning environments

This proposal’s primary goal is to support the development of graduate teachers that are confident users of technology in the classroom. A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) learning environment allows students to use their own technology in learning and teaching environments..

ICT Survey

The ICT survey is held annually to collect important data on students’ use of technology at the Faculty of Education and Social Work. This data is used to inform the development of courses integrating educational technologies into their curriculum, and in the planning of other CreATE projects.