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EDPRAC 305: Part A Introduction for student teachers and their associate teachers

Kia ora, Kia orana, Namaste, Sat sri akal, Bula, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Ni hao ma?, Salam, Ayubowan, Goedendag, Greetings.

Welcome to the primary practicum web page for Associate Teachers and Visiting Lecturers. We really value your support of our students on practicum in your classrooms and schools.

The primary practicum team welcome your enquiries and feedback.


Professional Development Opportunities for Associate Teachers 2018

EDPRAC 305 A (Third year practicum – the first 3 weeks) choose one:  

Thursday 18 January, 10 -11.30am

Kohia Centre

Wednesday 24 January, 3 – 4.30pm

Room NO 207, Gate 12, MIT, Otara Road, Otara

Thursday 25 January, 3 -4.30pm

Kohia Centre

First Time Associate Teacher Meetings (BEd)

Thursday 19 April, 9am – 12pm or Thursday 19 July, 9am -12pm

Kohia Centre

EDPRAC 201 (Second year practicum) 4 – 5.30pm, choose one

Wednesday 2 May

Room NO 211, Gate 12, MIT, Otara Road, Otara

Thursday 3 May

Sunnybrae Normal School, Sunnybrae Rd, Hillcrest

Associate Teacher to Mentor Workshops

  • Examine the differences between traditional views of the role of the associate teacher and the concept of the educative mentor.
  • Investigate a range of skills and strategies that can be used by educative mentors.
  • A series of 3 workshops for experienced associate teachers.

Thursday 10 May, 24 May and 7 June, 4 -6pm

Kohia Centre

Monday 7 May

Auckland Normal Intermediate, Poronui St, Mt. Eden

Tuesday 8 May

Arahoe School, Arahoe Rd, New Lynn

General practicum dates: 7 May – 8 June

EDPRAC 305 B (Third year practicum) 4 – 5.30pm, choose one:

Wednesday 6 June

Room NO 211, Gate 12, MIT, Otara Road, Otara

Monday 11 June

Sunnybrae Normal School, Sunnybrae Rd, Hillcrest

Tuesday 12 June

New Lynn School, Hutchinson Ave, New Lynn

Wednesday 13 June

Kohia Centre

General practicum dates: 18 June – 17 August

EDPRAC 101 (First year practicum) 4-5.30pm, choose one:

Monday 10 September

Room NO 211, Gate 12, MIT, Otara Road, Otara

Tuesday 11 September

Kohia Centre

Wednesday 12 September

Takapuna Normal Intermediate School, Northcoate Road, Takapuna

Thursday 13 September

Prospect School, Rosier Road, Glen Eden

General practicum dates: 17 September- 26 October

Contact Details

For professional matters relating to the practicum (eg, enquiries about course content, concerns about a student teacher, clarification of assessment procedures), please contact: 

Epsom and MIT campuses

Vivienne Mackisack
Director of Primary Programmes
Email: v.mackisack@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 623 8899 ext 48347

Karen Major
EDPRAC 305 Course Co-ordinator
Email: k.major@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 623 8899 ext 48581

Jill Murray
EDPRAC 201 Course Co-ordinator
Email: j.murray@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 623 8899 ext 48454

Sandra Chandler
EDPRAC 101 Course Co-ordinator
Email: s.chandler@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 623 8899 ext 48129 

Tai Tokerau Campus

Judy Taingahue
Practicum Coordinator
Email: j.taingahue@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 4701000 ext 47021

For practicum matters of an administrative nature (e.g. inquiries about student placements, requests for additional booklets or report forms), please contact: 

Epsom & MIT Campuses

Judy Robinson
Practicum Manager (Administration)
Email: judy.robinson@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 623 8899 ext 48891

Liz Jenkins
Practicum Advisor (Administration)
Email: l.jenkins@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 623 8899 ext 48452

Tai Tokerau Campus

Maureen Hendry
Practicum Administrator
Email: m.hendry@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: +64 9 4701000 ext 47020