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Classroom at Swanson

TEP brings together a group of researchers with particular skills of value to the project. It combines experienced and less experienced researchers, those with teaching experience and those without, but all of whom have a passion for enhancing the learning experience of students.

TEP is being funded through a Marsden Fast Start Grant and is a three-year project which began in 2011. A grant from the Cognition Institute funded teacher workshops which were the primary component of the intervention.

Teachers in the project were randomly assigned to control or intervention groups. The aim of the first year of the project is to teach the intervention teachers the beliefs and practices of high expectation teachers. Such teachers have large positive effects on their students’ learning and social development. In the second year of the project, the intervention teachers will teach the control group teachers the new pedagogical practices they have introduced into their classrooms. The final year of the project will involve measuring whether teachers sustain the practices and beliefs of high expectation teachers or whether they revert to their original ideas. Throughout the project, student social and academic outcomes will be measured.