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Korean parents of children with a developmental disability

Parenting practices, programme preferences, and programme effectiveness

Parents of a child with a developmental disability have more parenting challenges than families with a typically developing child and may benefit from participating in a parenting intervention. Stepping Stones Triple P is an evidence-based parenting programme especially designed for families of a child with a disability. SSTP has been evaluated in a range of populations. However, the efficacy of SSTP has not been tested with Korean parents.

1) The first part of this study consists of a survey of Korean parents in Korea and New Zealand who have a  with a child with a developmental disability, to gain an understanding of their parenting practices, prevalence of child behaviour problems, their parenting support needs and parenting programme preferences (https://goo.gl/I5rtZD).

2) The second part of the study consists of a randomized control design to investigate the effectiveness of the SSTP seminar series for Korean immigrant parents of a child with a developmental disability in New Zealand. In addition, the nature of parent questions during the seminar discussions will be analysed. Post intervention interviews will be conducted with a sub-sample of participants to obtain information about the implementation of parenting strategies and the extent of acceptability and satisfaction of with SSTP.

To participate in the first part of the study (online survey), please follow this link: https://goo.gl/I5rtZD

To volunteer for the second part of the study, contact the Parenting Research Group on 09 623 8899 ext 83042, mobile 022 380 5687 or email foed-tprg@auckland.ac.nz for more information.