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Talking matters but who is listening? Story-time interactions between parents, teachers and toddlers in a diverse community

The aim of this proposed doctoral thesis is to investigate the nature of interactions between parents, teachers and toddlers aged 1-2 years during shared story-time contexts in a diverse community.

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The Reciprocal Influences of Chinese Immigrant Children’s Home-Kindergarten Literacy Experiences on Identity Construction in Aotearoa New Zealand

This research is based on the emergent and sociocultural perspectives of children’s early literacy development and theoretically framed by Activity Theory (Engeström, 2001).

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Young Vietnamese children’s identities construction through their personal stories in Vietnam and New Zealand

This research is driven by socio-cultural perspectives, developed by Bruner, Engel, and Vygotsky. The most crucial thing in research involving children is the lens by which the researcher positions children in project.

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Children’s storying experiences: A phenomenological case study in inclusive early childhood education

This study aims to explore the phenomenon of storying in inclusive early childhood education settings in New Zealand and Hong Kong, guided by Vagle’s (2014) phenomenological and Bronfenbrenner’s (1979) ecological-systems perspectives.

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The unheard voices of children: A study of young children’s revision in writing

The goal of this study is to explore 7 and 8-year-old children’s (Year 3 and 4) revision development with an ethnographic approach to observe, document and engage as an “adult friend” (Dyson & Genishi, 2005) with four individual children in an Auckland primary school for three terms.

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Children’s agency for learning in Early Childhood Education settings

This doctoral study focuses on the expressions of 3-5 year old children’s agency for learning over time and how they become competent and confident learners in early childhood settings in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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