Media Engagement

Te Whakatere researchers have had their work highlighted on radio, television, in newspapers and magazines and on the web.



  • The Civics and Media Project (27 October, 2015): ‘Future focus’ conversation between broadcaster John Campbell and five students from intermediate schools in Auckland about their expectations for civil society in 2030. Carol Mutch was the plenary chair and breakout facilitator for the Education Workshop later in the day.
  • Refugee seminar with Jay Marlowe (9 September, 2015): ‘The refugee crisis in Europe: Emotion, inertia and xenophobia’. Featured on University and Faculty webpages, Scoop website, interviews and excerpts played WTV (Chinese TV); Radio New Zealand, Radio Live and ZB News.
  • Interviewed for North and South magazine: ‘The choice paradox’ (September issue, pp.31-37)
  • Featured in Te Kuaka, Faculty magazine and website (August 2015, pp. 7-8) and University magazine & website: ‘From Research to Gallipoli’.
  • Front page item: “Learning from the past’; Auckland Harbour City News & Central Leader (April 22, 2015)