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Key publications from 2011 and earlier.

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December 2011: Immigration and the Challenge of Education: A Social Drama Analysis in South Central Los Angeles

Dr Nathalia Jaramillo

Part ethnography and part testimony, this book analyzes a school setting and community from the standpoint of a group of immigrant mothers (las madres) in South Central Los Angeles who were concerned about the education of their children and the violence in their communities. Written in both the first and third person, in Spanish and English, the text brings together the women's dialogue and observations of the world around them as they embarked on an oftentimes conflicting process of putting into action their developing political consciousness. The social drama of the school and community is revealed through their change and advocacy. Published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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December 2011: Changing worlds: Critical voices and new knowledge in education

Dr Maxine Stephenson, Dr Iris Duhn, Dr Vicki Carpenter & Dr Airini (eds.)

This edited collection, the result of a School of Critical Studies in Education doctoral/postgraduate conference, provides an opportunity for doctoral students in the School to publish.

The contributions to the volume are attempts to understand and/or address complex educational issues in a critical way. They reflect the work of a sample of the next generation of ‘critical and engaged experts’. Published by Pearson.

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December 2011: Special Journal issue focused on Pasifika and Pacific Education

Pacific-Asian Education
The Journal of the Pacific Circle Consortium for Education
Volume 23, Number 2, 2011

Inside (and around) the Pacific Circle: Educational Places, Spaces and Relationships


  • Eve Coxon, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Airini, The University of Auckland, New Zealand


  • Elizabeth Rata, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Diane Mara, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Carol Mutch, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

This Special Issue of Pacific-Asian Education arose from the 35th Pacific Circle Consortium (PCC) Conference hosted by The University of Auckland’s Faculty of Education in August 2011. The journal theme, ‘Inside and Around the Pacific Circle: Educational Places, Spaces and Relationships’, draws on the title of a panel presentation delivered at the conference, through the facilitation of Assoc Prof Eve Coxon.

Download the special issue.


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October 2011: Applied Critical Leadership in Education

Co-authored by Dr Lorri Santamaria

Educational leaders are seeing the increasing need for practical transformative models and theories to address academic, cultural, and socio-economic gaps separating learners at all levels of the educational system. Applied Critical Leadership in Education explores a leadership model arising from critical theory and critical pedagogy traditions that transforms status quo educational practices. Providing a range of diverse voices of practicing leaders from prekindergarten through higher education, explicit ties to theory and practice are drawn, making leadership for social justice accessible, feasible, and more practical for aspiring and practicing leaders alike.

Applied Critical Leadership in Education provides an innovative way for aspiring and practicing educational leaders to think about and apply leadership practice suited for the educational challenges of today that are necessary for change.