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GRIP Publications

Apart from the papers that were prepared directly out of the GRIP ‘round’ of projects and reports back to funders, papers have been published in local and international journals and others are in preparation. Growing research in practice continues to be an area of interest for the staff members who led the initial round and remain interested in collaborative initiatives particularly those that could involve comparative and alternative strategies for developing practitioner research.

Here is a selection of GRIP related publications:

  • Beddoe, L., Yates, D., Fouche , C. B., & Harington, P. (2010). Practitioner research made easier: A report on the GRIP project. Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work Review, 22(2), 22-36.
  • Beddoe, L., & Harington, P. (2012). One step in a thousand-mile journey: Can civic practice be nurtured in practitioner research? Reporting on an innovative project. British Journal of Social Work, 42(1), 74-93. 10.1093/bjsw/bcr035
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  • BEDDOE, L., FOUCHÉ, C., HARINGTON, P., LIGHT, G., LUNT, N., & YATES, D. (2007). Growing Research In Practice: The story so far. Social Work Review, 19(1), 39-50.*

*We gratefully acknowledge that this article is available with permission from the Editors of Social Work Review

  • FOUCHÉ, C., LUNT, N., & YATES, D. (2007). Growing Research in Practice: A collection of resources.  Auckland: Massey University.

  • YATES, D. (Ed.). (2007). Growing research in practice - a collection of papers. Auckland: Massey University.

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We gratefully acknowledge that the report below is available with permission from the NZ Families Commission: