Faculty of Education and Social Work

GRIP Conference Presentations

The GRIP project has been received well in many forums within the profession and in conferences that draw on multi-disciplinary audiences. The issues raised from the development of research capacity and the ethical imperative of practitioner research have become themes in several settings and continue to be an interest of the research team involved.

The following is a selection of conferences where GRIP has been presented and debated thus far:

  • HOME, A. & FOUCHÉ, C. ‘Building practice-relevant research across university-community boundaries: Lessons from two innovative approaches’, Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) symposium on ‘Social Work Identity in the Age of Interdisciplinarity and Globalization’, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 27 May - 29 May, 2009.
  • FOUCHÉ, C.B. & BEDDOE, L. 'Growing research in practice': Playing the partnership game’ Research Demonstration at DEMONSTRATE: the ANZ Third Sector Research Conference, Auckland, 24 November, 2008.
  • HARINGTON, P., & BEDDOE, L.). Growing research in practice: Messages for social work education Paper presented at the conference Practical learning: Achieving excellence in human services (PEPE) . Edinburgh, 23-25 January 2008.
  • BEDDOE, L. ‘Growing research in practice: A collaborative approach’. Paper presented at the Conference of Joint Councils of Social Work Education, UK and Council of Professors of Social Work, (JSWEC) Swansea, 11-13 July, 2007.
  • FOUCHÉ, C. ‘Tending the garden: Using groups to advance practice-based research’ 29th International Symposium of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups (AASWG) on ‘Gateways to growth’, New York, USA 27 June - 1 July, 2007.
  • FOUCHÉ, C. ‘Navigating barriers and bridges between research and practice’ Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (CASSW) symposium on ‘Bridging ways of knowing’ at the 76th congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada 27 May - 2 June, 2007.