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CCRE 2019 Workshop Series

The Centre for Community Research and Evaluation (CCRE) Pūtahi Rangahau Ngātahi is excited to share our workshops on offer during 2019! Many organisations are data rich, but they are often not sure of how to make the most of their data or the various benefits that organisational data offers. Our experts at CCRE are offering five workshops in 2019 to help establish your research needs and build your organisational research and evaluation capabilities.

Organisations need to know about:

  • The populations they serve
  • Their workforce
  • How to influence policy

Organisations need evidence to:

  • Improve practice, programmes, and other service initiatives
  • Determine service priorities
  • Meet reporting requirements
  • Comply with funder demands

Current challenges include:

  • Limited resources
  • Limited capacity
  • Limited opportunity

Our CCRE experts can help establish what you need to know, how to collect the right evidence and work through the associated challenges. We invite you to check out the overview of our workshops below and click the registration links to get started today!

***All workshops to be held at the Kohia Centre, University of Auckland – Gate 2, 76 Epson Avenue, Auckland, 1023


Upcoming workshops


Workshop details


Workshop 1 Title:

Getting Started – Clarifying Goals for Research and Evaluation

(registration ended)

Many organisations are data rich but unsure of the benefits or how to make the most of its uses! This workshop will empower participants to consider different ways of making the most of their data. The workshop facilitators (academics and senior practitioners) will guide participants to align organisational research goals with core strategic objectives. We will discuss different models for generating evidence towards advancing participant priorities. There will be plenty of opportunity in this workshop to relate the content to your own organisational challenges and receive assistance with clarifying your goals for research and evaluation. Since this is the first in a series of 5 workshops, it is regarded as an introductory conversation that will enable workshop participants to prepare for effective engagement in future workshops. We strongly encourage you not to miss this crucial conversation on getting started!

Presented by CCRE experts: Professor Christa Fouché, Wendy Bremner, Robin Rummins


Friday 15 March


1– 4pm

Workshop 2 Title: Ethics in Research Practice
(register here)

This workshop will empower practice-based researchers to handle their data effectively with consideration of the ethical requirements for evidence-based research in the community services sector. Using six key waypoints, the workshop facilitator will guide participants through the process of ensuring research projects carried out in the sector follow ethically informed data collection, management and dissemination processes. There will be plenty of opportunity in this workshop to relate the content to your currentor proposed research projects and receive assistance with structuring your project in light of ethical considerations. The workshop is the second in a series to support practitioners, programme developers or internal evaluators wanting to do research in practice.

Presented by CCRE expert: Associate Professor Jay Marlowe


Friday 12 April


9:30 – 12:30pm

Workshop 3 Title: Evaluation Basics (register here)

This third workshop in the 2019 series is designed for those new to evaluation or wanting a quick refresher. It would be valuable for those needing an evaluation, providing funding for an evaluation, or conducting an evaluation. There will be opportunity to relate the content to your current or proposed research projects and receive assistance with shaping a proposal for evaluation. The workshop will introduce matters such as:
• What is evaluation?
• What makes evaluation different from research?
• What is the role of an evaluator?
• What are some common types of evaluation used in New Zealand?
• What does an evaluation design look like?
• What are some helpful resources to get started or for further reading?"

Presented by CCRE expert: Associate Professor Carol Mutch


Friday 14 June


9:30 – 12:30pm

Workshop 4 Title: Theory of Change
(register here)

This workshop will build on previous workshops in the 2019 series and will guide participants through a process to critically reflect on assumptions of how their programmes or services produce change. These ideas will then be used to construct the beginnings of a theory of change that can be used to guide future evaluation decisions. The workshop. activities will be directly applied to your current programmes or services.

Presented by CCRE experts: Dr Kelsey Deane, Julie Moore


Friday 16 August  


1– 4pm

Workshop 5 Title: Using Practice Data Strategically
(register here)

This final workshop in the series will guide participants to consider the possibilities and challenges of using existing practice data for research and evaluation purposes. We will explore innovative ways to collect new data and consider the implications of data analysis. There will be ample of time in this workshop to relate the content to your own organisational challenges and receive assistance with clarifying options for data use, collection and analysis. Since this is the last in a series of five workshops, the content will build on previous workshops and enable participants to have meaningful discussions about their organisation's future needs for research and evaluation as well as partnerships with CCRE.

Presented by CCRE experts: Professor Christa Fouché and Wendy Bremner


Friday 08 November


1– 4pm

Download full list of workshops

2019 workshops
(628.3 kB, PDF)

Workshop cost details

  • Please note the first workshop Getting Started – Clarifying Goals for Research and Evaluation was free of ​charge.
  • One workshop = $250
  • Two workshops = $200 each
  • Three to five workshops= $150 each
  • Five workshops = $150 each + a Certificate of Practice
  • Please enrol now in all workshops to receive discounted rates​. All workshops invoiced separately to enable application of discounted rates.